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After learning everything she wanted to know, Shen Yanxiao started thinking about how to deal with Shen Yifeng.

She was eager to kill him right now, but she knew it was not the right time. Shen Yifeng still had some use.

Shen Yanxiao who was standing before Shen Yifeng took an exquisite dagger from her storage ring. The sharp dagger that was emitting a chilly aura was reflected before Shen Yanxiao’s eyes.

“You are such a b.a.s.t.a.r.d that you don’t deserve to live in this world, but it is still not your time to die. Your life still has some use.” Shen Yanxiao’s mouth revealed a bloodthirsty smile.

A cold light flashed past, and instantly, blood began to drip all over the place. There was a portion of red blood splattered on Shen Yanxiao’s face, yet her eyes remained sharped and calm.

“Go back and tell Shen Duan that you were injured by a strong guy on your way back and beg him to help you get revenge.” Shen Yanxiao smiled like a demon while she looked at Shen Yifeng who was covered with blood. But her hatred was not reduced even the  slightest. .

An hour later, the full of wounds Shen Yifeng crawled back to the Vermillion Bird Clan Residence. The guards on the gate were instantly terrified after seeing him in that state; they immediately carried Shen Yifeng inside. After excessive blood loss, Shen Yifeng immediately fainted. The entire Vermillion Bird Clan gathered together after hearing that he was seriously injured.

Standing not far away, Shen Yanxiao let out a sneer at the corner of her mouth. After seeing Shen Yifeng going inside the Vermillion Bird Clan, she immediately ran towards the back entrance of the residence.

Inside the residence of the Vermillion Bird Clan, Shen Duan’s complexion was ashen while looking at Shen Yifeng who was lying on his bed. His heart was full of anger!

“Go and and get a doctor and get me all the Senior Priests in the Imperial Capital!” No matter how despicable Shen Duan was to others, this one was his own son, someone who was very important in his life.

Shen Yifeng’s situation was terribly bad. He had a lot of wounds in several places, and some of them were too deep that you could see his bones.

This made Shen Duan really frightened. Looking at Shen Yifeng who was soaked in his red blood, Shen Duan couldn’t help but feel mad.

How did his son, who was still in good condition when he left this afternoon, came back looking like this?

A middle-aged man walked into the room while Shen Duan was still in his mad state.

Shen Duan saw him and immediately greeted him.

“Senior Ruan, I don’t know what happened to Yifeng. He was actually hurt like this. Please, I ask Senior Ruan to give justice and avenge Yifeng!”

The middle-aged man was the master of Shen Yifeng, Ruan Yingzhe.

Ruan Yingzhe was actually around hundred years old already, but because he was a Second Stage Professional, he only appeared a like forty years old man, and looked like a dignified person.  

Ruan Yingzhe walked towards the bedside and looked at the unconscious Shen Yifeng. He touched the pit of Shen Yifeng's stomach and poured his dou qi into it to check his condition.

After probing a bit, Ruan Yingzhe's eyebrow slightly wrinkled.

There were no trace of someone else dou qi or magic in Shen Yifeng’s body. It was clear from this that the wounds on his body were slashed by a dagger without the use of dou qi or magic.

However, Shen Yifeng was now an Advanced Swordsman. It would be impossible for someone to hurt him without using dou qi or magic.

The only explanation was that the strength of the other side who attacked Shen Yifeng was far greater than Shen Yifeng’s; he captured him and sliced his body with a dagger in a torturous way.

"There’s a lot of wounds on his body. I can pour my dou qi on him and support him for some time. Go get a doctor, then you shouldn’t have any more worries.” Ruan Yingzhe's face did not looked good. Shen Yifeng was his disciple. For Shen Yifeng to be wounded in this way meant that whoever that person was didn’t put a single care about his master’s face.

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