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Ruan Yingzhe slightly frowned. Second Stage Professionals were too scarce in Long Xuan Empire. Moreover, there was no one who had broken through to the Second Stage Profession Magic Archer that he didn’t know of. That being the case, the only possibility was that the person who attacked Shen Yifeng was not from Long Xuan Empire.

“The Archers who have reached the Second Stage Profession in the Radiance Continent, except for the members of the Broken Star Palace, there are only three other people: one is Gu Qingming of the Silver Hands, another is Duan Wuya of the Seven Kingdoms, and the last one is Nangong Lie of the Divine Wind Alliance. Duan Wuya and Nangong Lie are both in the far away land of Seventh Kingdoms and Divine Wind Alliance, and they also rarely leave their country. The only one that may appear in the Long Xuan Empire is that Gu Qingming." Ruan Yingzhe knew every powerhouse in the entire Radiance Continent, and he could say that majority of the Second Stage Professionals were from the Broken Star Palace. The information of the remaining few people were also recorded by the Broken Star Palace.

After hearing the a.n.a.lysis of Ruan Yingzhe, Shen Duan shockingly remembered the strange events more than half a year ago.

“Senior Ruan, more than half a year ago, several elites in the Long Xuan Empire had been patronized by a thief. Even my Vermillion Clan as well. At that time, we had been guarding strictly, but no one had found the thief. At first, we suspected that it was not Silver Hands,  but hearing Senior Ruan say such things today, is it... is it really the work of Gu Qingming of the Silver Hands?" Shen Duan remembered the unscrupulous thief that many people hated more than six months ago. Linking it with Ruan Yingzhe’s a.n.a.lysis, the murderer who attacked Shen Yifeng was already clear.

Ruan Yingzhe nodded.

"It is very likely. The Silver Hands has always been mysterious. Even the Broken Star Palace cannot find their exact location. They mostly target the elites in various countries. Their stealing skills are very good. If what you said is true, then I’m afraid the one who attacked Yifeng is him."

Shen Yanxiao did not know that her impetuous move more than six months ago actually played such a misleading effect today.

To think that there was actually such coincidence in the world. Now, Gu Qingming unknowingly carried such a heavy accusation on his back. The poor fellow probably had no slightest idea who Shen Yifeng was, yet he was now actually determined by Shen Duan and Ruan Yingzhe as the one who attacked Shen Yifeng.

If Gu Qingming was currently on the scene, he probably stomped his foot in anger right away.

“How will Senior Ruan prepare to handle this?” Shen Duan now learned that the one who attacked his son was Gu Qingming, and his heart became even angrier.

Stealing from the Vermillion Bird Clan, and now running to beat people up? He never heard of such an arrogant thief!

Ruan Yingzhe said, "Apart from their skills in their respective professions, almost every one of the Silver Hands has the ability to come and go without a trace. Gu Qingming is the top three of the Silver Hands, and he has never been caught by anyone. If he has the mind to escape, I'm afraid I will not be able to find him in a short time. But, I just don't know how did Yifeng offended Gu Qingming, to actually hurt him with such a heavy hand.”

Faced with ordinary people, Ruan Yingzhe could just move his finger to kill them instantly, but if the other person was also a Second Stage Professional, his advantage was no longer that big.

As a den of thieves, the Silver Hands could run amok in the Radiance Continent for a hundred years. Naturally, they had their own abilities. Although Ruan Yingzhe was not afraid of the Silver Hands, if this group of thieves set their sight on them, it could be a headache.

"I don't know." Shen Yifeng responded honestly. He also didn't know how he had provoked this "Gu Qingming".

"Nevermind. You stay and recuperate in the residence first. Anyway, I’m here, if he dares to touch you inside the Vermillion Bird Clan, he will not succeed." Ruan Yingzhe coldly snorted. If not he had a mission this time, he would go and meet the thief who dared to hurt his disciple!

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