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"Xiu, if you are to face against a Second Stage Professional, how certain is your win?" Shen Yanxiao asked.

‘Those who can't even beat Vermillion Bird, don't compare them with me.' Xiu’s harsh and proud answer.

"..." Shen Yanxiao was speechless. How come she forgot that a certain uncle had crushed a rank eight high-level magical beast to death with just a finger. The great strength of the Second Stage Professional was only relative to humans, but in the face of Mythological Beasts, unless it was someone in the peak of Second Stage Profession, like those people who existed in the war, others would only be beaten to death.

Not to mention that Xiu’s strength was far more unfathomable than Vermillion Bird's...

Shen Yanxiao deeply felt the contempt in Xiu’s answer.

Sure enough, non-human strength could not be measured by humans!

"Xiu, lend me a hand!" Shen Yanxiao's eyes sparkled. Apart from the Second Stage Professional, Ruan Yingzhe, who would be difficult to deal with, the rest of the Vermillion Bird Clan could be dealt with by her alone.

However, with Xiu here, what was a Second Stage Professional again? It was simply a floating cloud.

This was the first time Shen Yanxiao had asked for Xiu’s help.

Xiu, who was in the heart lake of Shen Yanxiao, smiled slightly and said in a bit deserted and resolute way:

'As you wish.'

Shen Yanxiao's confidence greatly increased, she looked at Shen Feng with a smile.

“Grandpa, you can rest a.s.sured that I have a way to get rid of that Ruan Yingzhe, not just a Second Stage Professional, even if a G.o.d of Swords appears, I'm also not afraid.”

Shen Feng opened his mouth. He knew that this little granddaughter was very strong ah. But what she said just now was too arrogant. Even if she had the talent to cultivate three professions, in front of a Second Stage Professional, her strength was not enough. Just where her confidence coming from?

"Grandpa, I am now here, no one will be able to touch you again." Shen Yanxiao laughed treacherously, she could not wait to see Xiu strike once again.

In Mount Ku Luo, Xiu’s appearance directly made the two Mythological Beast Phoenixes helpless, she did not know what kind of scene would it be against Ruan Yingzhe.

"You child, really..." Shen Feng shook his head and sighed. Only Shen Yanxiao, who had not yet encountered a Second Stage Professional before, would be this confident.

"Grandpa, Vermillion Bird Clan belong to Shen Family, Shen Duan and Shen Yue could not be regarded as people of the Shen Family anymore. Can I just surrender the home of our Shen Family to outsiders? Then, how can I be worthy to face the Vermillion Bird Clan’s ancestors? And if don’t rescue you right now, I will also not be able to face my dead parents.”

Shen Feng chuckled.

"That's right. The Vermillion Bird Clan is not a weakling. As long as we have one more person, we will not allow others to mess with our Vermillion Bird Clan."

He was thankful to G.o.d for giving the Vermillion Bird Clan last hope. He was grateful to G.o.d for letting him have such a granddaughter like Shen Yanxiao.

"When we fight with them, even if we can't deal with Ruan Yingzhe, I wouldn't let Shen Duan and Shen Yue continue to be happy." Shen Ling's blood was boiling. His strength had recovered a lot. He made up his mind that no matter what happened, he would let Shen Yanxiao and Shen Feng successfully escape. And even if he died, he would dragged down the two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds together with him!

"We’re willing to follow the Clan Head." The five guards knelt down before Shen Feng and swore their allegiance.

Shen Feng's eyes were moist. To think that the guards he had cultivated in his hands were even more loyal than his own sons.

"Good, we will shoulder the future success or failure of the Vermillion Bird Clan. Even if we die, we must not disgrace the reputation of the Vermillion Bird Clan!" Shen Feng impressively said. He stood up with the support of Shen Yanxiao, and his old face finally restored its former demeanor.

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