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The Emperor of Long Xuan Empire was very bitter. But people didn’t know that. Everyone only thought that he was complacent about the completion of The Rising Sun City. No one could understand the pain in his heart.

Served him right for doing something so stupid. The Emperor really tasted the effect of his own short-sightedness.

No matter how bitter and unwilling the Emperor’s heart was, he had to be superficial. The disharmony inside of his country could not be known to any of the other three countries. Even if he and Shen Yanxiao couldn’t see eye to eye, they must be in harmony and love in front of the other three countries.

Ever since, the Emperor quietly shed tears. He wrote a large list of gifts to send to The Rising Sun City and wrote a decree to the entire Long Xuan Empire, from the top to the bottom, that a Barren Land territory of the Long Xuan Empire had finally been reclaimed.

When the decree came out, the people of the Long Xuan Empire no longer had any doubts.

The whole country were cheering.

They could finally raise their heads high. They didn't have to look on helplessly as the other three countries acted smug for having forces in the Barren Land.

Whether they knew Shen Yanxiao or not, they expressed high degree of appreciation and praises for the beautiful little girl who brought glory to their country. Numerous civilians voluntarily and automatically made the Seventh Young Lady Shen an idol in their hearts.

A 14-year-old girl did what others could not do, which was much more inspirational! 

They were truly proud!

This girl was a citizen of their country, ah! 

In the midst of these cheers, there were also some discordant voices. The sources of these voices were basically concerned with the Warlock ident.i.ty of Shen Yanxiao. These people were mostly n.o.ble families in the Long Xuan Empire, and they had a very deep understanding of the disaster of the Warlocks. They had a great prejudice against the Warlock profession.

Shen Yanxiao’s success in building a Barren Land City, in their view, was a sign of the rise of the Warlocks.

But no one would be stupid enough to come out and say it out loud at this time. Even the Emperor had expressed his friendliness to Shen Yanxiao, and among the civilians, Shen Yanxiao's voice was more than a wave. At this time, if someone dared to jump out and accuse Shen Yanxiao of being dangerous because of her Warlock ident.i.ty, it was estimated that that person would be drowned by the people's sputum in minutes.

Long Xuan Empire felt proud and elated.

However, the other three countries were not happy at all.

They did not think that the Long Xuan Empire could build a city in such a short period of time. According to the news that they received from their forces in the Barren Land, Shen Yanxiao had entered the Barren Land no more than six months ago. 

In just less than half a year, she had actually built a main city. This alarming speed scared every single one of them.

The convergence of the four countries in the Barren Land would lead to an even fiercer scramble for resources in the future.

This was something n.o.body wanted to see.

However, they were also helpless. The city had been built; it was basically impossible to think about doing even just minor actions now. There was the Four Nations Agreement that constrained them from taking actions, and whoever started first would become the target of criticism.

Almost all of the top bra.s.s of three countries were cursing the shamelessness of the Long Xuan Empire’s Emperor. He deliberately sent a little fellow to confuse them and let them take her lightly. The result was a blitzkrieg that took place in silence. Did you have any integrity in the end? Did you not know that the other three countries spent three to five years to build a small city in the Barren Land? What was your deal, building a main city in less than six months? Did you want them to die from coughing up blood?

The top of the three countries who had been ridiculing the Long Xuan Empire felt that their faces had been beaten swollen.

Meanwhile, in the Magical Fantasy City, Geng Di was uneasy.

He still had not forgotten what Shen Yanxiao had said at that time.

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