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One of the items was something they really needed. 

“Are you planning to go?” Jun Mo looked at Ouyang Huanyu. That thing was really rare. If they managed to get their hands on it, then they would be properly prepared for their next experimentation, and they could probably use it on Luo Fan’s body. 

Ouyang Huanyu shook his head. The man in black beside him took that as an invitation and explained, “He will not go, but I will go.”  

"You?" Jun Mo raised his eyebrow. Among the three of them, the one who had the most low-key profile was the man in black. Ouyang Huanyu was the dean of the Holy Roland School while Jun Mo was a Master Pharmacist in the Lan Yue Dynasty. Meanwhile, the man in black, contrary to them, kept on hiding to keep his low profile.

It would be a good idea for him to go since at least it would not attract anyone’s attention. 

"There are not a lot of people who know the true use of this thing. If I go and undertake the task, then the obstacles that I will encounter won't be that difficult.[1]” The man in black lazily opened his mouth. Almost everything that the Phantom Auction House was auctioning were considered ordinary goods. The most attention-seeking thing they had was the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon from the Azure Dragon Clan. For the sake of the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon, it would not only be forces from the Long Xuan Empire that would go. Even the other three countries would also take action. 

There were a lot of good things in there, but not a lot people knew the true value of the treasure they wanted.

Hence, the difficulty of this task was a bit low. 

"Then you go. By the way, it’s really interesting for this Hundred-Year Divine Weapon to actually be auctioned in the Phantom Auction House of The Rising Sun City. I’m afraid it will brew a heavy and b.l.o.o.d.y storm.” Jun Mo’s eyes were filled with maliciousness. Every Hundred-Year Divine Weapon was covered in blood. The Azure Dragon Clan, for self protection, would get this item auctioned in an auction house; not only did it increase the value of the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon, but it also avoided anyone causing chaos for their family. This way of handling things was very clever. 

However, even if someone won the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon in the auction house, it would be difficult for them to keep it. At least, as far as anyone remembered, the owners.h.i.+p of the Hundred Year Weapon was easily changed even over the first day of the auction. The original owner’s death would be unclear, and for some reason, even the owner’s family would be killed and slaughtered.  

Ordinary man would get into trouble for the sake of a treasured item. But for those who could afford a Hundred-Year Divine Weapon, which of them was not a unique and exceptional person who held abundant power?

The average strong man could not even afford it at all, much less take it.

"What? Are you interested in it?” The man in black raised his eyebrow as he looked at Jun Mo, “If you are interested in that thing, give me the money, and I will help you in getting it.” 

Jun Mo replied, “It’s just a staff, no matter how powerful it is, in my hands it’s just a stick to light a fire.”  

Only Magicians and Priests could use a staff.

Among the three, only Ouyang Huanyu could use it.

But looking at Ouyang Huanyu's att.i.tude, it did not seem that he was interested in the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon.

"Everything should be kept low-profile. Now is not the time to handle the matters regarding Shen Yanxiao. Everything will need to wait until we get to the right moment to do so. By the way, check the situation inside The Rising Sun City. Jun Mo rarely fails a task. There should definitely be something inside The Rising Sun City that we don’t know about.” Ouyang Huanyu did not even mention the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon, as if that treasure item that everyone wanted to get, was just a wooden stick in his eyes. 

"I will behave according to the norms." The man in black gave a chuckle.

"If you have any trouble, endure it for a bit. Afterwards, you know what to do." Ouyang Huanyu lightly said.

The person in black’s eyes were clouded. Not a lot of people were aware of the real use of the thing they wanted. However, it did not mean that someone else would not take it. Ouyang Huanyu suggested to the man in black that, as much as possible, he should not create too much conflict with others and raise unnecessary suspicion.

Even though Ouyang Huanyu let the man in black partic.i.p.ate in the auction, was that really the only legitimate method they could use to get their hands on the item they wanted?

[1] To clarify why the obstacle won’t be difficult if it’s him, because if it’s the other two, others might be suspicious and realize it’s valuable since a highly well known person is bidding for it.  While if it’s just a stranger they will take it as someone fooled by its appearance.

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