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Although these things were not hers, looking at them was really satisfying. Having someone help set an auction was indeed great. She was thinking of looking for a few pleasing gems to carve a potion bottle for Ye Qing and then something for Yun Qi to hang in his body. 

Her two masters had always been low-key. She had never seen any luxurious items on their bodies. Shen Yanxiao knew that they were indifferent to fame and fortune and didn’t care about these things. Even if she gave them something priceless, they probably would return it directly. It was better to send them little stuffs, just small tokens, so that they would not refuse them. 

Even so, the little things that Shen Yanxiao was referring to cost at least tens of thousands of gold coins. 

When Yan Yu and Yang Xi saw her picking things up, they did not say much. They still had other things to do. They left Shen Yanxiao in the storeroom accompanied by Vermillion Bird. 

"Oh, these are really good old treasures." Shen Yanxiao picked up an egg-sized sapphire and looked at the gleam of the crystal. In her past life, people had been mining fossil treasures for years. Many good things had been polished into finished products, but the real good things were carefully preserved by collectors all over the world. In the market, there were no decent jewels. However, in this different world, the gems were pure and all of them were in the most primitive state. 

Looking at the egg-sized sapphire and then looking at the big jade on her other palm, Shen Yanxiao's tiny heart was thumping madly. 

Which thief did not like treasures? She now sat surrounded by them, looking and feeling them. 

Shen Yanxiao was happily looking through the bunch of gems; it was Vermillion Bird who had little interest in these glistening things. In the eyes of a magical beast, this kind of gem simply had the same value as a stone: nothing compared to a good, delicious meal.  

Only humans would love these meaningless things that could not be eaten and could not increase their strength. 

Turning around, he watched his master whose eyes were sparkling brightly. At this point, Vermillion Bird just wanted to say... right now, his master really looked like a human girl.

"Huh?" Shen Yanxiao pulled a fist-sized milky white stone from a pile of precious stones. The surface of this stone was covered with pearl-like l.u.s.ter, but its weight and texture were similar to that of a stone. It looked beautiful and attractive, but it was not transparent. 

After all, it was a different world. It was impossible to have anything in common with her past world. 

As a clever, studious, and ambitious young person, Shen Yanxiao took the auction item list from Yan Yu and looked for the name of the stone. 

After the exclusion, Shen Yanxiao finally knew that the thing which resembled a pearl in her hand was called a Pearl Milkstone. 

It came from the depths of the sea, produced in the home of the Merfolks. 

When the legendary Merfolks cried, their tears would turn into pearls. These rumors were not false, but their tears did not form pearls but a milky white bead. Furthermore, it was said that Merfolks were cold beings. Their emotions were not as rich as those of humans. And compared with the aloof Elves, they were more like icy cold pools and not as sentimental as Shen Yanxiao heard in her past life. 

The blood of the Merfolks was highly toxic. Even the Undead who had highest immunity to toxins did not dare to be contaminated by it. 

But their tears were very rare gems. However, the Merfolks rarely cried. According rumors, they only shed tears when they were born and when they died. 

In short, they only cried twice in their whole lifetime.

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