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The people who came here were all savvy. At first, they did not mind the goods that were being sold in the small shops. But the moment they examined it carefully, they felt that something was wrong. 

Big diamonds that were the size of a palm were placed around the doorways as if they were just some stones. A demon stone as tall as a man was carved into an ornament. Each snow stone was brilliantly glimmering, cleaned and perfectly polished into round beads on the beaded curtains. When a group of merchants with great perception saw the shops full of treasures, their hearts bled.

One needed to spend thousands of gold coins just to buy the things in here.

When they saw the colorful ores worth tens of thousands of gold coins that had been crafted to become stools by the people of The Rising Sun City, their hearts were completely broken.

If it were not for the guards leading the way, they would have already pounced on the boss’s helpers for wasting such expensive ores. Do not waste these precious treasures, do not waste them, okay? These things are worth a lot of gold coins, okay?! 

The group of merchants who knew the true value of these goods well secretly cried. Meanwhile, the mouths of the group of military families were twitching already.

On the next street, they saw a pharmacy which was filled with various products ranging from low-level potions to high-level potions. They even discovered that there were some valuable master potions that one wouldn’t see on the market. One bottle of these master potions could casually make their younger generations ascend a level in their cultivation. Apparently, since they just opened today, they were selling things a little cheaply. They very much wanted to rush in and buy all the potions in the store. 

Along the way, everyone was thinking almost the same thing and came to the same solution.

Everything in The Rising Sun City was a treasure. Wait until the guards leave, and they will order their men to quickly buy such rare and good stuff. 

On their way to The Rising Sun City, they did not meet any danger in the Barren Land. Then, after coming in the city, they found a lot of treasures. The group of people could not keep calm after seeing it and could not wait for the guards to bring them to their destination, so that they could immediately leave and go on a shopping spree. 

They could forget about their homes but certainly not these shops! 

At last, the guards finally led them to several inns. The place where the entourage and mercenary escorts would stay should not be extremely luxurious. Staying in normal inns was good enough. After removing the large number of subordinates, the actual number of guests who really had power were around one hundred. After all, this was only one group of guests; there was still a large troop that had yet to enter The Rising Sun City.

“This is the place the City Lord has arranged for everyone to stay. Everyone can choose their own room. I will withdraw now.” The guard was very wise and knew when to leave.

The group of people, left standing in front of the luxurious inn, silently looked at the sky. 

Luxurious! Truly extravagant! 

The entire inn was magnificently built. Even the floor under their feet was made out of high-quality stones. Discerning people could estimate that the construction cost of this inn was over one million gold coins.

Even the rich local tyrants, in the face of this luxurious inn, could only honestly accept their defeat. 

What is rich? This is rich! 

The Imperial Family only used metals and stone to build buildings, yet the people of The Rising Sun City actually dared to be so luxurious? 

They did not know that the Barren Land had no shortage of ores. All of these stones were handed down to the architects by Shen Yanxiao. Apart from spending some of her personal money, the stones themselves did not cost a dime.

"Everyone, we all have 365 rooms here. The interior of each room is different. The price of each room is also different. I don’t know the things you need, but we can arrange them for you.” Uncle Jiu, with his gorgeous attire, smilingly stood in front of the crowd.

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