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At that time, although the emperor of The Long Xuan Empire was making things difficult for Shen Yanxiao, for the sake of giving The Vermillion Bird Clan some face, he did not dare to be too harsh. Therefore, he had only made things difficult when selecting a city and by not giving a.s.sistance to her. The rest of the things, such as the matter of authorization, were still the same as for the other people.  

For the four countries, opening up their territories had always been a priority. That was why they would let the elites that entered the Barren Land open up the other areas.

As long as they reclaimed the Barren Land territory, they would immediately be ent.i.tled to own that area’s property rights. 

This might look like a favorable term but in reality, this was not that favorable to the opposite side. 

Just opening a city in the Barren Land was already considered an awful thing, who would still have a leisure and carefree mood to continue opening other areas and find more trouble for themselves?

The other three forces did not think too much about it. Sure, it did cross the minds of some however it was not their main objective. Besides the Divine Wind Alliance’s Blizzard City, the first city to be opened in the Barren Land and also the one that managed to successfully open a second city, the other two forces were still working hard in making their next city. 

The biggest problem they faced was the demons in each city, but this was not a problem for Shen Yanxiao. 

"That’s a great idea; however, we are lacking in manpower.” Du Lang gave a wry smile.

Shen Yanxiao's idea was great but in reality, their current circ.u.mstance was lacking. 

“Can’t we solve it by going to Forgotten Traces?” Shen Yanxiao was not worried about the problem of manpower. The batch of slaves that she had bought back then were now all living harmoniously in The Rising Sun City; and were all extremely loyal to her. Unlike the demons that were following her just because she could provide dark elements for them to eat, this group of slaves were all sincerely grateful to Shen Yanxiao for letting them, who were always look down upon, to live an ordinary life and be free from their previous humiliation and punishment. Also, she even gave them financial aid so that they could support their family in the future and gave them the rights to work and raise a child. Deep inside their hearts, she was simply like a G.o.d.

If someone in The Rising Sun City dared to ridicule Shen Yanxiao, then those slaves would absolutely pounce on them and devour their lives.

This loyalty they had for Shen Yanxiao were all genuine after she had formidably bought their grat.i.tude by giving them food, clothing, and money, and by giving them their dignity back. 

At first, those talents that Qi Xia had brought were strongly opposed to Shen Yanxiao giving the slaves gold coins. It was already considered a great reward for those things (slaves) to receive food and drink. When had there been such a master that gave their slaves gold coins? 

However, as Shen Yanxiao’s reputation continuously grew in The Rising Sun City, they finally realized that what she gave the slaves was not just gold coins, but also dignity. 

The slaves, since a long time ago, were in despair with their broken dignity. This kind of respect and concern they received was enough for them to go into a sea of fire for Shen Yanxiao.

"The Rising Sun City had already been constructed; we can let those talented people continue building new cities. Anyway, we have nothing to do for now; it’s best to just continue expanding our area.”  Shen Yanxiao smiled as she looked at everyone. The eastern region of Barren Land was her territory. In the future, The Broken Star Palace would likely become her biggest enemy. To deal with them, she must definitely increase the powers in her hands.

One day, she would completely transform the entire eastern part of the Barren Land into her own property. And no one here would dare to resist her! 

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