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On the other side, the black-robed man left The Rising Sun City holding the Pearl Milkstone, rus.h.i.+ng to the Magical Fantasy City with an indignant expression.

Although he had obtained his goal for this trip, his heart was almost bursting from anger.

If not because he feared that he would directly cut down that local tyrant from the Lan Yue Dynasty into mince meat, why would he bother to leave so quickly?

But even if he did not move his hands now, he still planned on letting Jun Mo find out the exact ident.i.ty of that guy from the Lan Yue Dynasty after he returned. Today, he had wasted so much money because of him; he would not let it slide.

The black-robed man was so angry from having to waste so much money thanks to that local tyrant. From the beginning, he had never thought of finding others trouble in the Phantom Auction House. When the other items that people desired were auctioned, he had no malicious intentions of purposely increasing the bid to make things hard for others. Yet, someone actually gave him such a trouble.

The black-robed man quickly galloped back to the Magical Fantasy City with a black face and then found Ouyang Huanyu and Jun Mo.

Putting the Pearl Milkstone on the table, he sat his a.s.s on the chair with an unsightly expression.

Ouyang Huanyu and Jun Mo looked at their companion’s unfriendly face and then looked at the Pearl Milkstone.

"The thing is now in our hand, why do you still face have such a dead face?" Jun Mo jokingly looked at the black-robed man.

The black-robed man cried: "I was cheated!"

"What do you mean?" Ouyang Huanyu raised his eyebrows with slight interest.

"Originally, I could get this Pearl Milkstone with only a bit more than one million coins. But a fool suddenly popped out of nowhere and stubbornly fought me in a bidding contest. As a result, this thing cost me five million gold coins." The black-robed man's eyes was spitting flames.


Ouyang Huanyu and Jun Mo glanced at each other. The highest price they initially set for the Pearl Milkstone was five million gold coins. Once the price exceed this amount, the black-robed man had the right to illegally s.n.a.t.c.h it. However, unexpectedly the final price of the Pearl Milkstone had reached just their bottom line, the exact amount of money inside the card of the black-robed man.

If it was not just because they knew that only the three of them knew the real purpose of the Pearl Milkstone, they would have really thought that the information had been leaked out and some people had deliberately made things difficult.

"Anyway, the thing is now in my hands, and this Pearl Milkstone is much larger than I expected. It’s not bad." Ouyang Huanyu calmed the black-robed man’s temper and expressed that the gold coins meant nothing to him. The fusion power in this thing was his true goal.

"Who cares if it’s not bad?" The black-robed man was not happy at all. He didn't care about money. What he cared about was the att.i.tude. The other side was clearly fighting with him. How could he swallow it? "Jun Mo, you help me find out the origin of that b.a.s.t.a.r.d called Hu Bo, I must cut him off!"

Jun Mo stared at him, knowing that he was too angry this time; he did not refuse. He did not care about the life and death of others anyway.

"OK, I'll go and let Geng Di help you look it up tonight." Under his Pharmacist ident.i.ty, Jun Mo was enjoying the VIP treatment in the Magical Fantasy City. Even Geng Di was courteous whenever he saw him. Looking for a person’s background was hardly a thing for him.

"I'll chop him into mincemeat!" The black-robed man yelled.

Ouyang Huanyu and Jun Mo sighed. They didn't have the patience the go along with the black-robed man’s anger. They were now all focused on the Pearl Milkstone!

“This piece of Pearl Milkstone is the greatest of all I have seen. It is enough to allow several experimental bodies to be upgraded.” Ouyang Huanyu looked satisfied with the large Pearl Milkstone. Usually, it was not easy to find a Pearl Milkstone the size of a soybean. But now, he was incredibly given such a big piece. He was simply elated. 

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