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Ouyang Huanyu and the other two were very angry. But they were also very clear, it was very likely that it was someone from the Devil Race who had used such a large piece of Pearl Milkstone.

But if they knew that the fusion power in that Pearl Milkstone had actually been consumed by an unscrupulous little thief a few days ago, one did not know how they would feel.

“Perhaps, it was used by a devil a long time ago; this cannot also be blamed on Murong Yuan.” Jun Mo smoothed things over for Murong Yuan very timely. Compared with Ouyang Huanyu, he had a better relations.h.i.+p with Murong Yuan. They considered each others as fellow brothers.

"Humph." Ouyang Huanyu flicked his sleeves, staring at Murong Yuan with cold eyes.

"Let’s just consider this matter finished. What else did you find out when you checked the things in The Rising Sun City?"

Murong Yuan looked at Ouyang Huanyu, his heart rather eccentric. Usually, Ouyang Huanyu gave him a very gentle feeling and he very rarely showed anger. Even if he and Jun Mo talked to him with a bad tone, this old man had no reaction at all. But he did not know what was up with him today that he had such a big temper.

Sure enough, Ouyang Huanyu’s temperament would change greatly as long as it had something to do with the experimental bodies.

"I entered The Rising Sun City before the day of the auction. According to my investigation, apart from the members of the five great clans of the Long Xuan Empire, no one else can be considered strong. But, Vermillion Bird Clan’s Shen Feng and Shen Ling moved to The Rising Sun City." Murong Yuan replied.

“For the Vermillion Bird Clan to s.h.i.+ft their base to the The Rising Sun City, there should be something happening in the Imperial Capital. Otherwise, they would not do such a big move.” Ouyang Huanyu squinted his eyes and looked at Murong Yuan thoughtfully.

"Let our people in the Long Xuan Empire check what the Vermillion Bird Clan did in the Imperial Capital."

"Good." Murong Yuan nodded.

Jun Mo looked at Ouyang Huanyu. He was really concerned about the things on Shen Yanxiao’s side.

“I say, now that the previous plan has been thwarted, it will be impossible to make a move against The Rising Sun City again. The auction has now ended, and the reputation of The Rising Sun City will increase sharply. I’m afraid that your initial plans will just fail.” Jun Mo raised his chin slightly and looked at Ouyang Huanyu maliciously.

Ouyang Huanyu frowned slightly. He knew that Jun Mo was referring to his plan for suppressing Shen Yanxiao and forcing her to submit.

"I did not think you would be so useless." Ouyang Huanyu sneered.

Jun Mo's complexion changed slightly. Using his curse technique, he expected a large scale poisoning to happen. But the people of The Rising Sun City seemed to be in a very good condition. Did this mean that his method wasn’t good enough?

"Since I'm not good enough, why not take a shot yourself?" Jun Mo looked at Ouyang Huanyu with some displeasure.

Ouyang Huanyu almost never personally made a move. Most of the things were usually done by him and Murong Yuan.

Ouyang Huanyu said slowly, "No hurry."

"No hurry? Ha! If it weren’t for you wanting to keep Shen Yanxiao's life, I would have long brought people to slaughter The Rising Sun City.” Jun Mo was very upset. He had made a promise to Luo Fan before, confidently. But now, he could only look down on the ground and feel somewhat humiliated. If he could do things according to his past methods, why would he make it to be so troublesome as to use a curse to poison people? As long as some manpower from the organization was transferred for him to mobilized, it would be enough to annihilate the entire city.

Ouyang Huanyu glanced at Jun Mo and said, "Her life must be kept. If you dare to move your hands privately, don’t blame me for being ruthless."

"Oh? Then you do it. You don't do it yourself, and you don’t allow my cruel methods as well. Aren’t you kind?" Jun Mo had been dissatisfied.

Ouyang Huanyu said, "Killing people is not my aim, I want the little one to take refuge with me. Now is not the time to move our hands against her. Only when The Rising Sun City reaches the mountain peak will she fall into the valley of despair at the moment everything is destroyed."

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