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In the long-standing cognition of the demons, human beings were food. Now, some food went to your house to beat you, what would you feel?

Anyway, Qiao Chu here was speechless.

"I say little girl, aren’t you still young to actually dare run here and clamour? Even if you unified the demons in The Rising Sun City, then what? As to why the demons in The Rising Sun City are sincere to you, I do not care, but this Oriental City is my territory and I have no interest in accompanying a little kid like you to play house.” Qiao Chu replied, as expected of demons, he also had an extremely handsome appearance. 

Qiao Chu thought that if it weren’t for the group of higher demons behind Shen Yanxiao, he would have already swallowed this little human completely, who was exuding the breath of very fine food, instead of talking nonsense with her.

But, Oriental City...

Wait, when did his city have a name?

This kid has no manners, casually giving people’s home names, do her parents know what she’s doing?!

"Play house?" Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes, her mouth slowly smiling.

"Then your answer is revolt, you reject an allegiance with me?"

Qiao Chu waved his hand impatiently. His rejection couldn’t be any more obvious.

"Very good." The smile on Shen Yanxiao's mouth deepened, and her eyes flashed with an evil light.

She turned around and walked toward the team behind. Qiao Chu let out a sigh. That little kid was rather easy to talk to. So she was preparing to go home now, right?

The demons of The Rising Sun City was actually that easy to sway!

But soon, Qiao Chu learned how naive his idea was.

Shen Yanxiao returned to the ranks and looked at the eyes of the group of demons. She turned slightly and looked at Vermillion Bird, "Give me a bang!"

Vermillion Bird naturally knew the meaning of Shen Yanxiao. In the next second, he turned into flames and soared into the sky. Vermillion Bird revealed his beast form in mid-air.

The wind suddenly roared, Vermillion Bird’s wings spread out, and flame bombs about the size of a human head flew down toward Oriental City at lightning speed.

The sky poured down a rain of flames; the boundless sea of flames instantly covered the entire Oriental City.

Qiao Chu's feet had not yet taken a step away from the city gates when he saw the crimson flames burning in front of him...

What the h.e.l.l!

This little girl is not planning to withdraw, but is planning to use violence to solve the problem!!!

"Qi Xia, Yang Xi, Ah-Yu, Nazhi, Xiaowei." Shen Yanxiao released an order once again.


"I know!"

 "Leave it to me!"

"No problem!"


The five animals summoned their own magical beast at the same time, and five Mythological Beasts appeared in front of the Oriental City. For a time, heaven and earth was shrouded with different colors, and soon, the tiny Oriental City was surrounded by impenetrable towering figures.

Qiao Chu stared at the six Mythological Beasts that had suddenly appeared. He couldn’t react for a moment.

What the h.e.l.l ah! A legion of Mythological Beasts!

The war between G.o.ds and devils had long been over, where did so many Mythological Beasts come from?!

Qiao Chu wanted to cry. He thought that Shen Yanxiao was too unreasonable for a human being. In his opinion, they could still talk about this slowly. It was not completely non-negotiable. Yet she just directly used violence.

Although the higher demons were powerful, they still had a certain gap when compared with Mythological Beasts. Not to mention anything else, just their size was already a disadvantage.

Flashes of flames, beams of lightning, and groups of thunderclouds swept across the entire Oriental City, sweeping thousands of troops with grandeur. For a time, the wails could be heard in the entire city, all the demons covered their heads and sneaked away like rats.

Sounds of crackling broke out one after another, like fists pounding on Qiao Chu’s face one by one.

He originally thought that the demons were the most unreasonable race in the world, but he did not expect to encounter a bandit and her group of bandit beasts today!

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