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Too bad that Shen Yanxiao was unaware of how sensitive the people from the G.o.d’s Domain were regarding of the presence of a demon. Although they did not see any demons in The Rising Sun City, they could still feel the presence of demons that remained in this piece of land. 

It was just that... 

It was highly improbable for him to say it or even plan to eliminate these demons. 

"Oh." Nangong Mengmeng indefinitely nodded even though she did not really understand it. In her mind, she was pondering when was the right time for her to ‘hook up’ with her idol. If it were not because she knelt down before His Royal Highness and begged to come along, then His Royal Highness would not have given her the chance to come along and mess around. 

"It’s already late. You should go and rest too.” Said the Holy Sage.

"Okay." Nangong Mengmeng always acted bravely in the G.o.d’s Domain, however that did not mean that she had the guts to cause trouble in His Royal Highness’s presence. She could only quietly obey and go back to her designated room.  But she could not sleep. Her mind was filled with plans on how to contact Shen Yanxiao and become close friends with her. She was close enough to touch her idol in person; if she were unable to execute the operation, ‘confess her feelings to her’, then she might as well die. 

While still thinking of any possible means to ‘hook up’ with Shen Yanxiao, Nangong Mengmeng finally entered the dream land.

The next morning, Shen Yanxiao lazily got up from her bed. Her hands were trying to wipe out the faint black eye bags under her two big eyes.

She really did not sleep well last night.

A group of people from the G.o.d’s Domain suddenly came over, catching her by surprise. At first, she was just worried that they might notice the demons she was trying to hide but after listening to the Holy Sage’s words, there was another thing she became worried about: the beast tide. And she was still trying to digest these two pieces of information when Xiu told her that the Holy Sage was likely to be someone else! 

Life is hard enough as it is, don’t burst my bubble! 

Why did she keep on getting headaches?

Because of these three things, Shen Yanxiao’s mind was occupied the whole night and did not even notice when she had fallen asleep. But the moment she woke up, she still ended up being more worried and because she did not sleep long enough, she did not have enough energy to get up. 

Although she did not have much energy, she still managed to think of a way to solve this. 

Yesterday, she had already ordered Fu To to go with the demons and stay in the Underground City for the time being. The people from the G.o.d’s Domain should not have found anything unusual.

As for the problems regarding the Oriental City and the beast tide, Shen Yanxiao could not be bothered to think about it. 

If one were thinking in the conventional way, of course it was more appropriate to wait until the beast tide ended before constructing the Oriental City. Although the demon beasts did not have any commander to order them around and they would not necessarily attack the Oriental City, there was still a certain possibility. 

Unfortunately, Shen Yanxiao did not have any time to waste.  

She had already provoked someone from the Broken Star Palace. She had no idea when someone from that place would come, but once they came to The Rising Sun City, then she knew that she would be in big trouble. The Barren Land was her only home now; it was here where she must build her own power.

The sooner she finished the construction of the four cities, the the sooner she would have the power to fight against the Broken Star Palace. 

In the end, Shen Yanxiao chose the extreme method and decided to continue the construction of the Oriental City. If ever the demon beasts attacked it, then she would just consider it as having b.u.mped into an accident. If push came to shove, she would just let the Mythological Beasts surround the city walls of the Oriental City; that would at least protect it a little bit. 

Anyway, The Rising Sun City’s defense was already astonis.h.i.+ngly high. Even if it were a beast tide, it would still not completely affect it. Focusing all their power to defend another city would not be too difficult. 

As for the last problem.

Regarding if the Holy Sage here were the genuine one or a fake… 

Shen Yanxiao was not worried about this last problem. After all, whether or not the present Holy Sage were genuine had nothing to do with her. But she always felt that the reason for the G.o.d’s Domain’s arrival here was not that simple.  The G.o.d’s Domain did not have any specific country that they were affiliated with, and her city was not the only one in the Barren Land. 

If one were to consider the cities that had been established for a long time already, then the other three cities were far reliable than hers, yet the Holy Sage had chosen to ignore the other options and quickly went to The Rising Sun City. 

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