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Chapter 86- Holy Roland School Part 1

The distance between the Holy Roland School and the Long Xuan Empire’s imperial capital was rather far. In order to ensure that she could have more empty s.p.a.ce to improve when she was at the Holy Roland School, Shen Yanxiao made a special trip to the Qilin Auction House 3 days before she was to depart, and once again handed over a large amount of gold coins in order to have Qi Meng find a sufficient amount of crystallic nuclei for her within that period of time. After finding them, Qi Meng was to deliver them to the Holy Roland School in intervals.

“You’re a student of the Holy Roland School as well?” When Qi Meng heard Shen Yanxiao say such a thing, he was rather astonished as he looked at this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, who had quite the mediocre appearance.

The Holy Roland School’s reputation was enormous within the Long Xuan Empire. Not only was it so because of its formidable education quality, but it was even more so because of its exceedingly demanding conditions. Not talking about anything else,  the enormous sum of tuition fees for every semester was sufficient to cause children from ordinary homes to flinch at it.

What’s more was that the Holy Roland School had a certain demand in regards to their student’s talent level. No matter what part of the inst.i.tution you wanted to enter in order to study, you had to reach a certain standard in their entrance exam. Else, even if you were the heir to the throne, the Holy Roland School would make no secret in having you drived out.

Within this period of time, the customer in front of him had actually appeared quite frequently at the Qilin Auction House, but with Qi Meng’s eyesight, he couldn’t seriously make out this customer. Apart from being a nouveau riche, what other special talent did she have? Those attractive waist and limbs of hers were impossible to cultivate any formidable level of Dou Qi, and that dispirited mind of hers was what made people have an even harder time linking her with magic.

Shen Yanxiao nodded. Xiu had already said that, if she wanted to have the third layer of her seal undone, relying solely on low level devil nuclei was already marginally insufficient. This time, she’d specifically instructed that Qi Meng take note of both mid-level devil nuclei and high-level devil nuclei for her. She still didn’t know how long she’d be attending the Holy Roland School for, thus she might as well go ahead and have Qi Meng dispatch people to have the things delivered to her directly. As the saying goes, money makes things easier, and so long as the money went to the right place, the Qilin Auction House would be her best collaborative partner.

“This is actually very coincidental.” A rather conspicuous and indolent voice echoed out from behind Shen Yanxiao.

It was unknown when Qi Xia had come to the Qilin Auction House’s rear hall and lazily leaned on the door frame, to be just in time to hear Shen Yanxiao’s words just now. A pair of fox-like eyes, that were long and narrow, carried a smile as they squinted.

Was it him? Shen Yanxiao recognised the look that Qi Xia had. She remembered that when she’d come to the Qilin Auction House for the first time, this youngster had been sitting in the rear hall, and from start to finish, he’d gazed at her with an appearance that was full of interest. However, ever since then, she’d no longer seen him in the Qilin Auction House, thus she hadn’t expected that she’d come across him once more today.

“Looking at your age, you should be a new student that’s on the eve of entering the school. If that’s so, you ought to call me your senior.” Qi Xia looked at the little b.a.s.t.a.r.d before him beamingly. In this period of time, Qi Meng had always had information about this customer transmitted to him. When he’d come to patrol the Qilin Auction House today, he hadn’t expected to actually have come across her.

‘Eh?!’ Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes. Could it be that…

“I’m a second year student from the magician’s branch of the Holy Roland School.” Qi Xia smiled as he said.

Shen Yanxiao instantly said, “h.e.l.lo, senior.”

If the Vermillion Bird were to be beside Shen Yanxiao right now, it’s very likely that he’d have jumped over and given this master of his, that didn’t seem to have any integrity, a slap for she’d just called someone her ‘senior’ simply because the other people had asked for her to call him ‘senior’! Are you that familiar with other people?

In fact, Shen Yanxiao was somewhat curious towards this youngster before her, because during the first time they’d met, she could vaguely feel right away that this youngster’s influence wasn’t small, for there were very few customers that were permitted to stay within the rear hall of the Qilin Auction House.

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