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The one being called out for having no integrity was Shen Yanxiao.

When she was needed, she would show up with bustling enthusiasm. And when she was not needed, she would begin goofing around at once.

The Rising Sun City did not necessarily need her to oversee things for the time being; therefore she, as if it was a matter of course, snuck away from work early in the morning!

Of course, she would never admit that she stealthily left without any hesitation all because of Xiu!  

She wore an ordinary-looking face-changing mask and draped a cloak over her shoulders. In her hand was a map of the Barren Land. Shen Yanxiao stopped a long distance from The Rising Sun City to look around at the environment of the Barren Land.

In just one night, from The Rising Sun City, she pa.s.sed around six or seven cities already. Sometimes she would encounter one or two demons, yet they would all just look at her and then left decisively. They did not look like demons who were eating humans for a living at all.

How could a demon not pounce onto a human to chew them after seeing one, but instead turned around and walked away abruptly?

Does this group of demons still have dignity?!

But in a sense, this was actually rational. The demons in the eastern region of the Barren Land cowered in fear before the force of The Rising Sun City. Hence, they would no longer actively attack the humans entering the Barren Land. They had no courage to challenge the City Lord who had hundreds of higher demons under her command.

They were wise enough to choose to ignore the appearance of a human.

Yet, it could not be helped that they would still be tempted by the humans’ smell. But their actions were quite different from their desires: once they sensed a human, they would go the opposite way and bypa.s.s them.

Anyway, it was just a common matter for the demons in the Barren Land to not eat a mouthful of human flesh for hundreds of years. In the end, they were still awfully healthy. It was not like they would die from a temporary hunger.

Furthermore, they heard that The Rising Sun City had dark elements that could make a demon drool in temptation. If they were fortunate enough to enter The Rising Sun City and have the chance to try this genuinely delicious food, then would it not be worthwhile to let these small-value humans go in exchange of not provoking this City Lord of The Rising Sun City? They were still waiting for their turn to immigrate, so shouldn't they show her a good performance?

The demons in the eastern region behaving like a clever child made people heartbroken. Shen Yanxiao realized that she could not accomplish her mission of experiencing a demon’s skill and learning from it.

"Is it a mistake to want an extreme training?" Shen Yanxiao looked at the fifteenth demon she saw that was hundreds of meter away from her and was quickly running away. She could not help but support her forehead with her hands.

Xiu once said that the best way to increase her strength in a short period of time was to engage in actual combat. Only in a real battle could she increase her potential.

But currently in the Barren Land, it seemed that only a higher demon could suppress her strength.

Shen Yanxiao planned to leave The Rising Sun City, first to cultivate her magic and dou qi in the Barren Land; and second, to look for some higher demons to fight, so that she could improve herself and be promoted.

But in the eastern region, even a lower demon did not dare to attack a human, let alone the higher demons with an IQ comparable to that of a human.  

It was heavily difficult for her to cultivate in her own place. Shen Yanxiao could only s.h.i.+ft her ideas to several other areas.

The Barren Land city that belonged to the Seven Kingdoms was located in the western region of the Barren Land; it was the farthest from the eastern region so she directly did not consider going there.

Shen Yanxiao had already previously gone into the southern region to enter the Magical Fantasy City and was very displeased with that place. So in her mind, there was only one suitable place to go: the northern region, belonging to the Divine Wind Alliance.

The Divine Wind Alliance was the first country to gain a foothold in the Barren Land. Their city named Blizzard City had also been in operation for hundreds of years and had been prospering with each pa.s.sing day.

Although the three parties had once joined forces to suppress the construction of The Rising Sun City, the Seven Kingdoms and the Divine Wind Alliance did not take a lot of actions that time. It was just their small token of moving in.

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