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They were still not enemies.

Some distance away from Shen Yanxiao, it had been five days since she skipped her work. Everyone in The Rising Sun City finally gave up the plan of capturing a certain someone. They could only willingly take the burden of working and arrange things for everyone to work on. On one hand, they were secretly disdaining Shen Yanxiao for not having any integrity; on the other hand, they continued to work hard.

Little did they know that their City Lord had already left her own area and went to the northern region of the Barren Land.

The northern region was the first place in the Barren Land where mankind had set their foot on.

The Divine Wind Alliance had selected a Great Swordmaster along with more than 30,000 mercenaries to go to the Barren Land. And after ten years, they were finally successful in establis.h.i.+ng the Blizzard City.

After a hundred years of operation, the northern region of the Barren Land had been relatively stable. But this stability only existed in the vicinity of the Blizzard City. Other areas in the northern region were still restricted for human beings, since the demons continued to run rampant there.

Shen Yanxiao took at least five days to reach the area between the eastern region and the northern region. One more step and she would officially enter the Divine Wind Alliance’s territory.

She recalled how she had been previously dissatisfied with the other three parties for invading the eastern region and getting its resources, yet look at her now; she too became someone with no moral principles, daring to go to the northern region just to train with the demons there.

Shen Yanxiao took out her map and examined it. The northern region of the Barren Land was relatively cold. At the border, there were large mountain forests. And Shen Yanxiao’s first stop was one of those mountains.  

According to the rumors, there were a lot of demons in these mountains; that meant that this place should be suitable for her training and cultivation.

Shen Yanxiao started to prepare herself, eager to start the action as she moved towards her destination.

The temperature in the northern mountain forests was very low. Fortunately, Shen Yanxiao came fully prepared and put on slightly thicker top clothes, or else as soon as she came here she would have suffered from the cold.

On a hill, she found a cave that looked like it had been abandoned for a long time. Although it was not too big, it could still shelter her from the wind and rain.  

Shen Yanxiao quickly used the cave as her own campsite. Cultivating was her first goal; she did not go around the mountain and pick a demon to fight with yet. Her dou qi and magic had not improved for some time already, so her first task was to practice these two.

In accordance with Xiu’s requirements, Shen Yanxiao sat cross-legged on the ground while holding the black crystal, and then began her formal cultivation.

Cultivating every day was dreary. But Shen Yanxiao was not even the least bit bored. She looked as if she had returned to the time when she had just crossed over to this world, where she would use all her time to cultivate with no one bothering her or anything disturbing her. She felt like going back to the time when she was still thoroughly cultivating.

Every morning, she would start by eating a bit of her ration of food before going back to cultivate again. Aside from eating and sleeping, she would spent the rest of her time in cultivation. As a result, she could clearly feel the dou qi and magic around her body growing at a rapid rate.

The unlocking of the fifth layer of the seal was not entirely useless, it was just that she slacked off from cultivating; hence, she felt like nothing had changed. Now that she was fully giving everything she had, the effects naturally became visible.

It had already been a long time since she felt her advancement skyrocket so fast. Shen Yanxiao seriously thought that this type of feeling that she had not felt for such a long time was very intoxicating.

Without Xiu urging her, she already started to enjoy cultivating, not even tiring at all.

After ten days of cultivation, from a Senior Professional, Shen Yanxiao had now become an Advanced Professional in one stroke. Now that she was already an Advanced Archer and Advanced Warlock, she was only one step away from becoming a Second Stage Professional.

While she was immersed in and happy about her promotion, she suddenly heard Xiu ‘proposing’ another ‘suggestion’ for her.

‘Starting tomorrow onwards, you will cultivate early in the morning until afternoon. Then in the evening, I will be responsible for your actual combat.’ Xiu surprisingly said.

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