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“Ah?” Shen Yanxiao, who was chewing her food, was obviously stunned. 

"What do you mean?" Forgive her for being a bit dull at the moment. After all, after cultivating for a long time, it would be hard for her to escape her cultivation state. 

'You will fight with me.' Xiu replied lightly. 

"Fight… with... you?!" Shen Yanxiao was almost choked to death by the food she was eating.

Give me a break!!!

She just became an Advanced Professional, and he incredibly wanted her to fight against him already?! 

Did he want her to die?! 

When she thought of someone crus.h.i.+ng a rank eight magical beast to death, and also of that brilliant move when they killed a Second Stage Professional, Shen Yanxiao shuddered from head to toe in an instant.

She cultivated very hard during this period of time and also didn’t really make many mistakes. Yet how come Great Master Xiu decided to get rid of her! 

Shen Yanxiao knew very well what the outcome would be, even if she didn’t think much. She feared that she would not be able to hold a candle to him. 

‘Yes.' Xiu had not the slightest idea how shocking his proposal was. 

Shen Yanxiao's tiny heart broke into pieces in a flash. 

"I can’t beat you." Secretly wiping her tears, Shen Yanxiao showed no shame in expressing her own incapability. 

'Definitely.' Xiu stated with his cold voice and his answer made Shen Yanxiao petrified. 

Shen Yanxiao wanted to cry even more. Since he knew it, why would he still want to bully her! 

Kill within a second! She would definitely be killed in a second!

It was very likely for this great master to accidentally kill her with just one careless move.

She came here to cultivate, not to be killed! 

"Don't use a sledgehammer on a nut. I think I'm just going to find some higher demons to practice with. I will not fight you!" She did not want to die yet! She would rather go up the mountains to look for demons to fight, so as to not be tortured to death!

'While your ascension rate is fast among humans, you have too little actual combat experience. If you do not increase your actual combat experience, your strength will not be able to reach its full potential. Even if you go search for a demon, you will still not get a good result from it. You can rest a.s.sured that after I train you, you will have the opportunity to go find a demon to practice with.' Xiu calmly said, completely unaware of Shen Yanxiao's fear. 

"But I will surely be killed by you..." Shen Yanxiao gloomily muttered . 

‘Hm?’ Xiu’s voice rose slightly. 

"Your methods are too cruel, my little arms and legs won’t be able to withstand it." For her own life, she could still ruin and discard her own pride. 

'I have a sense of propriety.'

“But you have accidentally crushed a rank eight magical beast. In a case where I practice with you and you get careless... I think I am less capable of resisting your power than that rank eight magical beast." Human cultivation mostly strengthened the attacking force. And the two professions she was learning, the Archer and Warlock, were also the weakest in defense. And surely, even the profession with the strongest defense, the Knight, still might not be able to withstand Xiu’s “carelessness”. With her defensive force, she feared that even if this certain someone’s slap had not yet landed on her face, she would have already been blown away by its force. 

The disparity in their strength was just too great. It was not that her own strength was too weak, but the enemy's fighting power was just too outrageous! 

'...' Xiu suddenly thought that he had caused too much psychological pressure for a certain little fellow. 

After a moment’s silence, Xiu slowly said after hesitating,

'I won’t hurt you.'

“I'm afraid that after playing for a long time, you might forget to hold back.” She also knew that Xiu would not dare to kill her, but... His past record was too brilliant, ah! When she thought about it, she could not calm down. 

'I won’t.' 


'Your strength is too weak, it can’t excite my fighting spirit.'

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