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Inside those two dazzling golden eyes, appeared a never-before seen, complicated look.

Looking around at the tranquil heart lake, Xiu faintly narrowed his eyes before closing these two eyes once again. 

When Shen Yanxiao woke up again, it was already afternoon. She tried to call Xiu again, yet as always there was no response. Shen Yanxiao could only helplessly sigh and eat some food before again holding the black crystal and continuing her cultivation.  

That nightfall, as before, Xiu still did not appear.

The next night, he still did not appear. 

The third night... 

The fourth night... 

The fifth night... 

By the sixth night, Shen Yanxiao gave up her hope that Xiu would appear. These past few days, Xiu still did not give any response, as before. She had only wasted a lot of energy by calling him. Although Xiu did not appear for a long time, that did not mean that she gave up cultivating. On the contrary, she just thought that Xiu was not appearing anymore to make herself stronger by letting her spend more effort in increasing her own strength. After all, if she did not work harder to improve herself, would it not be very awkward… 

It was already very late at night when Shen Yanxiao slept on the floor covered with rice straws while holding the ice-cold, black crystal.  

Once Shen Yanxiao stepped into her dream land, a thread of faint black mist emerged from her chest and gradually coagulated into a human form before her.

Under the darkness, Xiu stood in front of Shen Yanxiao. He observed the little girl lying on the floor with her hands firmly holding the black crystal. At that moment, he did not know what to think. 

Xiu slowly crouched down his body to look more carefully at Shen Yanxiao, who had curled herself up due to the cold. She was obviously also feeling slightly chilled from holding the black crystal, yet she still held it. Xiu’s brow slightly frowned. 

His fingertips produced a faint, thumb-sized golden flame. 

The dazzling flame had a gentle warmth. Following Xiu’s fingertips came a total of five little gold flames that windlessly and automatically surrounded Shen Yanxiao’s side. The dazzling little gold flames’ warmth quickly dispelled the coldness of the northern region. Shen Yanxiao's tightly wrinkled brow finally relaxed as she slept.

Yet, Xiu did not said anything; instead, he just kept on looking at Shen Yanxiao’s sleeping face as he sat down by her side.

Looking at the little gold flames cl.u.s.tered around the little girl’s side, Xiu’s gaze somehow became more complicated. 

A whole minute pa.s.sed by, yet Xiu still sat quietly beside Shen Yanxiao until he could no longer maintain his corporeal body. His figure gradually became dark mist in the night.

When he was turning into mist, Xiu had wanted to lift his hand and have his palm, which was gradually turning into black mist, reach Shen Yanxiao’s neck. Yet the moment he finally touched her warm skin, he finally turned entirely into mist and completely disappeared from the cave. 

When Shen Yanxiao woke up, she felt that she had slept very comfortably last night. Furthermore, she did not feel the cold atmosphere in the morning at all and instead even felt warm. 

After sitting up, she look at the black crystal in her hands. Shen Yanxiao licked her lips and temporarily placed it on her legs for a while as she went to find food in her storage ring. 

Fortunately, she bought a lot of delicious foods. Otherwise, these days she would only be able to eat a bit of food. By now, she would just want to die.

She happily took an apple from the storage ring and bit into it.

However, in the next second, a large ma.s.s of dark mist emerged from her chest; in the blink of an eye, the black mist coagulated into a human form in front of her. 

Xiu, who she had not seen for how many days, suddenly appeared before her eyes. 

All this happened so fast that Shen Yanxiao nearly choked from the apple she just ate! 

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