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"Yes! Two thousand! We can exchange two thousand slaves with you!" Fang Qiu saw the higher demons wavered and immediately said. 

However, the two higher demons suddenly burst into laughter. 

"You’re actually trying to send us off with two thousand slaves? Or do you think that the daughter of the City Lord of Blizzard City and the son of the Iron Blood Mercenary Corps’ Head are only worth 2,000 slaves?" The slightly taller demon ridiculously looked at Fang Qiu's deathly white face, a hint of cruelty appearing in his eyes. 

" did you know..." Fang Qiu was stunned. The behavior of the higher demons was no different from humans. They could even hide in the crowd and not be discovered by anyone. 

"How could I know? Because just recently, I happened to be in the Blizzard City and heard your conversation, Head Fang Qiu." The tall demon laughed grimly, and with his laughter, his figure shrunk in an instant. In the next second, an old man with a crooked back appeared in front of Fang Qiu. 

"It’s you..." Fang Qiu's heart jumped. When he talked with the two heads of the Blizzard Mercenary Corps and Iron Blood Mercenary Corps in the restaurant that day, it was this old man in front of him who had brought the dishes. But no one thought that such an ugly old man would actually be a demon! 

What was even more unbelievable was that, under the nose of the City Lord of Blizzard City, there were actually demons running around. 

At that time, none of them paid attention to this old man. 

If the old man of that day was the form of this demon, then everything they had talked about was heard by this demon? 

Then, it was only natural that they knew the ident.i.ty of Long Xueyao and Gu Feng!

With the demons’ intelligence, they naturally knew how important these two people were. 

Shen Yanxiao, who was atop the boulder, was witnessing everything happening below. The dialogue between Fang Qiu and the two higher demons naturally fell into her ears. Although she despised the practice of Fang Qiu, she was even more surprised by the slyness of the two higher demons. 

It had long been known that some of the higher demons liked to transform into human form, move to places where humans live, and then use various tricks to abduct humans for their consumption.

The lower demons had no requirements for food, but the higher demons were very picky. They preferred strong and powerful humans because the magic and dou qi in human body were like seasoning in food. When she first met Fu Tu, her unique breath roused his interest. 

It looked like these two higher demons were already well-prepared, waiting here for the mercenaries to enter their trap. 

And their goal was definitely the man and woman who were guarded by the crowd of mercenaries. 

"The daughter of the City Lord of Blizzard City, and the son of the Iron Blood Mercenary Corps’ Head? This is interesting." Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes. 

The Divine Wind Alliance was a country made up of mercenaries, and the five most extraordinary mercenary corps with famous reputations in the whole Radiance Continent came from there. 

The Blizzard Mercenary Corps, the Iron Blood Mercenary Corps, the Black Mercenary Corps, the Sacred Light Mercenary Corps, and the Genesis Mercenary Corps. The large organization of these five world-famous mercenary corps, formed the present Divine Wind Alliance thousands of years ago. The supreme decision-maker of the Divine Wind Alliance was the Brotherhood Alliance formed by the heads of these five mercenary corps. Only the heads of these five major mercenary corps could enter the Brotherhood Alliance. 

All things in the Divine Wind Alliance were arranged by the Brotherhood Alliance. 

The only difference they had with the Emperor of the Long Xuan Empire was that the Long Xuan Empire’s Emperor solely held the power in his hands, while in Divine Wind Alliance, there were five people in power.

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