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The two higher demons were so busy unnerving Fang Qiu that they did not realize that someone else was also thinking of how to get the both of them.

“I say, if we take you two away, how many slaves will those two leaders of your Divine Wind Alliance give us?” Both higher demons had a nasty smile on the corner of their mouth. 

Fang Qiu’s face was deathly pale. He had already thrown out the idea to negotiate with the other party, and he had no more idea as to what else he could do. 

Attack them? 

Looking at the opposite side, there were two higher demons and hundreds of lower demons. Just based on this point, could his group even be their opponents?  

" can't do this. If you insist on doing this, you will cause a war between the Divine Wind Alliance and the demons in this area.” Fang Qiu’s body was trembling as he threw a weak threat.

Yes, it was too weak.

That the two higher demons couldn’t help but laugh out loud. 

"War? Ever since us demons entered this human land, the war between our two groups has never ceased. This is true in the Radiance Continent, and is also true in the Barren Land. You humans have banished us to the Barren Land. But because you could not part with this land and its natural resources, how much effort did you spent to build a city in this Barren Land? From the day you all came in here, it was already destined that there would be an endless war between your race and our kind. In this case, did you really think that I would still be worried about fighting with you humans a few more times?”  The taller demon transformed back into his original form as he looked down on Fang Qiu. 

"Moreover, what do you think will happen if I got those two in my hands, would those two mercenary corps still dare to fight me? Or will they serve me with good food?” The greedy eyes of the two higher demons swept across the crowd before looking at two people in the center of their encirclement, Long Xueyao and Gu Feng. 

Those two baits were very tempting; as long as they had them in their hands, they could control everything.  

"As for you? We only need those two, the rest of you can only become our food now!” The demon laughed heartily as he declared the death of all the mercenaries before him.

As soon as he said so, the two higher demons raised their arms and gave the lower demons a signal. The lower demons crazily pounced on the mercenaries in an instant. 

In a flash, the demons and mercenaries were fighting each other. 

The mercenaries already knew that there was no way for them to survive this. Hence, in their desperate state, they were forced to frantically fight to kill the demons in front of their eyes without any care for their lives. 

Even if they died, they would at least drag down one or two of their enemies. 

Fang Qiu was besieged by a group of middle demons. He was already bruised and was powerless to break through the siege. 

He could only look on as a large number of demons ripped open a hole in their protective circle, and watch as the two higher demons swaggered towards the two final people. 

Gu Feng tightly gripped the bow in his trembling hand as he watched the two powerful demons getting closer to them. His face became deathly pale.

Meanwhile, Long Xueyao stood on the side, still raising her pretty and dignified face proudly. Her eyes had no trace of fear, only wariness. Her right hand was firmly holding onto a staff. 

“Yao Yao, are we… going to die?” Gu Feng asked Long Xueyao with a trembling voice. He now regretted the fact that he had followed her along. 

If Long Xueyao had not requested to go along with the mercenaries, he would not have run into such a dangerous place. 

This trembling question made Long Xueyao a bit dissatisfied with him.  

Long Xueyao looked at Gu Feng and slowly said, “No, they want to take us as hostage in exchange for other benefits. They will not kill us.” 

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