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After that ear-piercing sound rang out, a silver light that was five times faster than any of the previous arrows flew towards the shorter demon’s hand that was about to reach Long Xueyao. 

The shorter demon subconsciously withdrew his hand. He looked at the amazingly fast arrow that was directly nailed into the hard rock wall. It had penetrated so deep that only the tail of the arrow was left outside.

This amazing strength really made the shorter demon stupefied for a while. 

Even the rough and thick skin of demons, if pierced by such an arrow, would not be left unscathed!

"I’m telling you, forget about relying on your luck. If you cannot defeat me then you can never touch her.” A pleasant voice echoed from the chaotic battlefield. 

The two higher demons narrowed their eyes as they looked around the chaotic battlefield below. But they could not find Shen Yanxiao’s figure. She just jumped down but she had easily blended seamlessly with the crowd. Her figure was already small; now even her tiny shadow could not be seen. 

Originally, they had thought that Shen Yanxiao was stupid. However, that thought disappeared after they realized that she took the opportunity to trick them into capturing Long Xueyao while she hid her position away from their sight. Now they could only look around at the chaotic battlefield and try to find that little brat who was so impatient to die.

"We don't believe it! Just who do you think you are that you think you can stop us?!” The two higher demons were furious. They couldn’t even find Shen Yanxiao’s shadow at all, and she still wanted them to d.a.m.n fight with her?  

Furthermore, their true goal was just within their reach. Just one step forward and they could catch Long Xueyao. 

They doubted that Shen Yanxiao could stop both of them from taking Long Xueyao by just relying on her strength!

With a speed that no one could clearly see, the two higher demons moved at the same time. Long Xueyao could only feel that there were two black shadows quickly approaching her. She leaned herself against the boulder and held her staff tightly. 

"Ah, why don’t you listen to my advice?" There was a hint of helplessness in that voice. Almost immediately, ten arrows were fired toward two different targets!

Each of the arrows were nailed fiercely on the spot where the two demons would step next, as if she already knew their next moves!  

The several arrows directly blocked the two higher demons from moving forward. They were sealed in their position which was only half a step away from Long Xueyao. 

They did not suspect at all that this boy who could judge their next moves was not able to determine their correct position. In fact she could, but she deliberately did not shoot her arrows into their heads and directly kill them!

This was a warning! 

A warning from Shen Yanxiao. 

She wanted to compare notes with the two higher demons, not kill them.

The arrows that she had previously shot was telling the both of them that she was fully capable of killing them while they were trying to get Long Xueyao.

"d.a.m.n!" The taller demon cursed; he had never encountered such an eccentric human being.

Not only was he well match with the other two higher demon, that kid also clearly had a lot of chance to kill them, yet he would always let them go.

Weren’t humans supposed to hate the demons down to their bones, so that they could not wait to quickly kill them?

"Let’s solve that little boy first! It won’t be too late to capture this girl later. That kid is just too annoying!" The shorter demon gnashed his teeth. To think that their goal was almost within their grasp, yet they were incredibly blocked just half a step away. This really made him crazy.

"Good! I’d like to see how much he’s capable of!” The taller demon said, agreeing with the other’s proposal.

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