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The shorter demon was still looking for Shen Yanxiao’s figure. He clearly remembered that Shen Yanxiao had a strong dou qi. As long as he detected a place with a strong atmosphere of dou qi, he could find her! 

There were people constantly rus.h.i.+ng around the shorter demon. Whether they were humans or demons, as long as they got close, he would raise his hand and cut them in half, turning the place into a river of blood! 

When a reckless, dark shadow approached him, the shorter demon impatiently waved a hand. Yet, he did not feel the warmth of b.l.o.o.d.y flesh he had antic.i.p.ated, and felt air instead; he had hit nothing. 

The shorter demon turned his head around in doubt before looking at his hand. He did not see anything on his palm. He was puzzled, but then, he suddenly felt someone pat his shoulder. 

"Are you looking for me?" The voice with the hint of a deep smile came from behind the shorter demon. 

This demon turned his head once again, but somehow his movements suddenly became difficult. And because he was pus.h.i.+ng his head to turn around too hard, his whole body fell to the ground. 

"What's going on..." The shorter demon was shocked as he found that he could not control his hands nor feet. 

A dark shadow shrouded the figure of the shorter demon. The shorter demon could only see a pair of feet in exquisite white boots standing in front of his eyes. 

Shen Yanxiao squatted down and watched the shorter demon who had fallen motionless on the ground. She held her cheek with one hand while she smilingly stretched out her other hand to grab the hair of the shorter demon and pull his body up. 

Looking at Shen Yanxiao’s smiling face up close, the face of the shorter demon became green instantly. 

"Tsk tsk. I thought that the resistance of the demons to curses would be stronger than this. I didn't expect them to be weaker." Shen Yanxiao observed the appearance of the shorter demon. 

"What did you do to me?! Why can't I move?!" The smaller demon asked with a pale face. 

Shen Yanxiao replied, "Nothing much, I just gave you a combination curse— Hardening. You can rest a.s.sured that this kind of curse technique will not cause too much damage to you, it will just let your body become as rigid as rock for a short time."

"Curse technique?" The shorter demon was stunned. 

How come he remembered that this brat had just been using a bow?! 

Was she not an Archer?! 

"How could you use a curse technique?" The shorter demon was dumbfounded. He couldn't understand what was up with Shen Yanxiao. He just clearly felt that the body of this human possessed a strong dou qi. So how come he could only feel magical power from her now? 

"I am a Warlock." Shen Yanxiao smilingly said. 

The demons indeed had advantage in perception, but if you played well, you could also turn it into your own advantage. 

Shen Yanxiao intentionally used her Archer skills in the face of two higher demons at the very beginning to make them think that she was only an Archer, and to make them remember only the portion of her breath that was part of her dou qi. 

They completely had no idea that aside from dou qi, she also had magical power in her, so at the moment she mixed into the battlefield, she restrained her dou qi from spreading out and replaced it with her magical power. 

Therefore, even though the perception of the two higher demons was strong, it was impossible to perceive that the magical power they felt belonged to her! 

Shen Yanxiao had used her dual-cultivation talent really well, completely confusing the senses of the demons and catching them unprepared. 

"You have a physique that can cultivate both dou qi and magic?" The shorter demon immediately figured it out, and he had also guessed all the plots of Shen Yanxiao at the same time.

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