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Due to Gu Feng’s father, Fang Qiu could only endure.

A line of people walked and rested. Because of too many wounded soldiers, the speed of their journey back to the city was relatively slow.

On their way, as Fang Qiu expected, their team attracted several waves of demons.

The first few were only some lower demons. Although they were injured, they could still resist one or two of them. However, as they moved closer to the center of the northern region, the number of middle demons increased, and Fang Qiu and the others also struggled to cope.

Later, even higher demons appeared...

The first time a higher demon appeared, Fang Qiu had not even had time to ask Shen Yanxiao to help before he saw the reticent youth quickly step past him, take out the longbow from his storage ring and rush to the higher demon.

It was not just a single higher demon that would appear alone; each would be followed by a number of middle and lower demons. These demons were only attracted by the blood. There was no plan nor coordination in their movements.

Shen Yanxiao dealt with it, but it wasn’t that easy.

Several attacks had been resolved by Shen Yanxiao's active partic.i.p.ation in the fight. And so, their journey had been smooth, allowing Fang Qiu's heart to rejoice in his original choice to keep this patron saint with them.

Shen Yanxiao did not speak too much with the team. When they were traveling, she would always walk at the end of the team; when they were resting, she would often cultivate on one side. Even in food, she was self-sufficient. Very different from the rest of the team, who had so much contact with one another.

It was only Long Xueyao who would occasionally come to her and pa.s.s on some water, but even they didn’t have any conversations.

It could be said that if it weren't for the higher demons appearing, and Shen Yanxiao's dazzling performance, the mercenaries in the team would have long ago forgotten that there was such a great G.o.d in their ranks.

Shen Yanxiao had resolved crises several times; coupled with her usual low-key behavior, this youth had formed a very towering image in the hearts of these many mercenaries.

This was real strength; this was a true expert, ah!

Among the mercenaries, many people had already treated Shen Yanxiao as their own idol. Many Archers, after seeing the archery skills of Shen Yanxiao, also began to imitate one or two of her skills, and secretly treated Shen Yanxiao as their own goal of learning.

Shen Yanxiao continued to fight the demons. She was not showing off, nor was she being Together with the fact that she usually only said a few words, she had successfully created a mysterious and powerful image for herself.

Even Fang Qiu secretly admired Shen Yanxiao.

But Shen Yanxiao herself was oblivious to everything that was happening. She was just enjoying easily having a lot of higher demons to train herself with. And if the other party were pleasing to the eyes, after letting them bitterly suffer a bit, she would extend a hand to them and recruit them to The Rising Sun City. However, if it were someone without a brain nor character, Shen Yanxiao would bluntly kill them directly, digging out their crystallized nuclei for the Purple Baron.

Overall, on this journey, Shen Yanxiao’s gains were the greatest. Not only would Xiu give comprehensive guidance and corrections on her battles after each fight, she had also taken several higher demons as her younger brothers and made them go to The Rising Sun City.

She was able to not only train, but pick up several younger brothers as well.

These days were really nouris.h.i.+ng!

From the several battles along the way, whether large or small-scale, they had brought tremendous benefits to Shen Yanxiao. With the guidance of Xiu, her actual combat ability had skyrocketed. Although she was still just an Advanced Professional, even if she were to encounter a Second Stage Professional like Ruan Yingzhe again, she would now have a chance in the battle!

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