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Shen Yanxiao was annoyed. She was obviously being suspected, how could she bear to be treated unjustly? Not to mention, she was already unhappy with Gu Feng, who had kept on pestering her like a parrot all the way back to the city. And now, even his old b.a.s.t.a.r.d of a father was also annoying her. Only ghosts would be willing to follow this pair of pesky weirdos. 

Although Blizzard City was good, it was not as good as The Rising Sun City of hers. Although everything that Long Fei had was being coveted by many, for her, it was not enough to set her eyes on.

Shen Yanxiao did not hesitate to indicate that she wanted to leave, stunning both Long Fei and Gu Lan. 

Long Fei was surprised by the fact that the boy's temperament was really straightforward. He didn't show even a little tolerance or concession because of Gu Lan's ident.i.ty and instead, directly asked for the reward and even said that he wanted to leave already. He made it clear to them that he was not interested in Blizzard City at all. 

Long Fei originally thought that Shen Yanxiao did not have any bad intentions, and now, he was even more certain. 

Gu Lan was surprised because he didn't expect that this kid would be so frank; but deep inside his heart, he was pleased with the outcome.

The main reason why he was behaving like a rogue towards Shen Yanxiao was none other than for the sake of his own son, Gu Feng. 

Although Long Xueyao and Fang Qiu did not mention Gu Feng's performance when they talked about their encounter with the demons, Gu Lan, who knew his son well enough, naturally understood that he did not have a commendable performance at that time. 

Gu Lan always wanted Gu Feng and Long Xueyao to be closer. Long Fei had only one daughter, Long Xueyao, and he had no intention to be married again. By the time Long Fei’s lifetime reaches its end, this Blizzard City and the Blizzard Mercenary Corps will have fallen into the hands of Long Xueyao. Marrying Long Xueyao was equivalent to taking over the Blizzard City and the Blizzard Mercenary Corps. 

Shen Yanxiao's performance had caused Gu Lan to feel threatened. Although the young boy looked ordinary, his strength was quite astounding. When he saw Long Xueyao's att.i.tude as she described Shen Yanxiao's fight with the demons, Gu Lan knew that Long Xueyao’s impression of this boy was not bad. 

In order to prevent Long Xueyao from having more thoughts about Shen Yanxiao, Gu Lan could only vigorously transfer dirty water to Shen Yanxiao. 

So as to get rid of all possible rivals of his son.

Shen Yanxiao looked adamant on leaving, and Gu Lan was naturally very happy. 

Whether this smelly boy were good or bad, the most important thing was for him to leave Long Xueyao's sight immediately! 

Unfortunately, although Gu Lan wished that Shen Yanxiao could get out of Blizzard City as soon as possible, some people did not want Shen Yanxiao to go so quickly.

"Shen Jue, you have been travelling for so many days; plus, you have been fighting with demons these past few days. You haven't taken a good rest. You saved my life. How could I let my benefactor leave when he is tired. I, Long Xueyao, am not an ungrateful person!" When Long Xueyao saw that Shen Yanxiao was angered and wanted to leave, she quickly stepped forward to console her. 

Long Xueyao understood Gu Lan's remarks, but she was the subject of this matter. Naturally she knew that Shen Yanxiao had not joined forces with the two higher demons. When Shen Yanxiao and the two demons were fighting with each other, she was in a higher ground and had clearly seen that Shen Yanxiao really beat the other side with her own strength. 

Her own benefactor was questioned by her elders, so Long Xueyao was angry and anxious. However, due to the good relations.h.i.+p between Gu Lan and her father, she couldn't argue and could only stop Shen Yanxiao from going. 

Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly. She really was annoyed by this pair of father and son, but she indeed truly appreciated Long Xueyao's character. 

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