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Although Blizzard City was not as big as The Rising Sun City, for a hundred years, there had been a City Lord that had been managing the city; the buildings inside were nearly perfect. On either side of both large and small streets, the most common sights to see were shops selling mercenary supplies: from large weapon stores to the small auxiliary pharmacy shops; the things being sold in Blizzard City were basically necessities for the mercenaries.

Blizzard City was equivalent to the Divine Wind Alliance’s transit station in the Barren Land. Before Blizzard City was established, the Divine Wind Alliance mercenaries could only perform certain tasks in the northern border area; after the establishment of Blizzard City, however, the mercenary corps of the Divine Wind Alliance had covered almost the entire northern region of the Barren Land.

The targets of the mercenaries' missions ranged from demons to all kinds of precious herbs.

The temperature in the northern region of the Barren Land was relatively low. Unlike the hotter eastern region, this area was rich in medicinal herbs that were suitable for growing in cold places. They could be found almost everywhere in the northern region.

This was also one of the reasons that the other three countries cooperated with Blizzard City: so that they could get valuable medicinal herbs from the northern region.

Whether it were a Pharmacist or an ordinary physician, the most important thing was medicinal herbs.

There was a saying: you won't get anywhere without items.

Even if one were a Grandmaster Pharmacist, if they did not have any suitable herbs in their hands, then they could only stare at empty s.p.a.ce.

The treasures in this land where the Divine Wind Alliance sat were not hidden from people’s prying eyes. Even the Lan Yue Dynasty and the Seven Kingdoms, which had entered the Barren Land later on, still paid much attention to the northern medicinal herbs. Unfortunately, the City Lord of Blizzard City was one of the top five leaders of the Divine Wind Alliance. The number of mercenaries in his hands was nearly a million. Just the mercenaries sent to the Barren Land had now reached 70,000, and these mercenaries were tasked to defend the two cities of the northern region.

On the streets, they could often see patrolling mercenaries. They were armed with sharp swords and lined up in a row. The density of the surveillance made Shen Yanxiao secretly flabbergasted.

There were a total of 10,000 mercenaries that supervised the city walls of Blizzard City. They were divided into ten teams, with each team consisting of 1000 mercenaries. Every two hours, the teams would switch to the next guarding team. It was to ensure that the mercenaries guarding the walls had the highest level of concentration.

It had to be said that Blizzard City, which had experienced a beast tide, had reached the peak of a city’s defensive measures.

Even the Imperial Capital of Long Xuan Empire was not this intense with their security.

Shen Yanxiao and Long Xueyao were walking on the streets and from time to time they would meet a team of mercenaries on patrol duty. The mercenaries would simply stand on ceremony before Long Xueyao and then continue on their patrols.

It was not surprising that the people in the Divine Wind Alliance were nearly all soldiers. Even Shen Yanxiao had to admire every arrangement Long Fei had made for Blizzard City.

This kind of city could integrate a large number of military forces at any time and at any place. Even if it encountered a surprise attack, they could still gather forces left and right to fight back in the shortest possible time.

Shen Yanxiao couldn't help but think deeply. The current situation of The Rising Sun City appeared to be very good, but compared to the Blizzard City’s intense security, it seemed to be vulnerable. Apart from its indestructible walls, there were hardly any guards in the city.

She feared that the only human beings with fighting power on her side were the less-than-one-hundred members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps; the rest of her strength came from those lazy demons.

Now, it seemed that although she had rich resources in her hands, she still found it very difficult to actually use them.

"Miss Long, has the Blizzard City's defense always been this intensive?" Shen Yanxiao could not help but ask Long Xueyao.

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