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"Why does it seem to me that Lord Long Fei’s appearance isn’t that of a sick man, but rather more like one who suffers from… a curse?" Shen Yanxiao said.

“Curse?” The four people in the room were stunned by Shen Yanxiao’s remarks.

"Shen Jue... Did you just say that it’s a curse?" Long Xueyao stuttered a bit in astonishment.

A curse was like a nightmare for many people because it could only be used by Warlocks. And the Warlock’s Second Stage Profession, the so-called Summoner, could display terrible curses.

Shen Yanxiao nodded. From the reaction of the crowd, she knew that they also didn’t have a good impression towards the Warlocks.

Fortunately, when she dealt with demons on their way, she used her Archer skills; otherwise, she probably would not dare to mention something about a curse in front of them.

"But...if it’s a curse, is it not only a Second Stage Profession Summoner that can use such a terrible curse? But, in the entire Radiance Continent, even the basic Warlock is starting to disappear. Then, who could use such a curse?" Wu Run said with a doubtful look.

"I'd heard that the person that Long Xuan Empire sent to the Barren Land was a Warlock. That person seemed to be from the Holy Roland School. Didn't the Holy Roland School still retain its Warlock Branch? Since that person came from there, it is very likely that there is still a powerful Warlock in the Holy Roland School." Qin Qiong seemed to think of something.

Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

She did not expect that Qin Qiong would think outside of the box and incredibly come up with her and Yun Qi.

This was exactly moving a stone and stubbing one’s own foot!

When Shen Yanxiao was thinking about whether or not to restore her reputation for herself and Yun Qi, Long Xueyao said, “It could not be possibly be her. I’ve heard that the City Lord of The Rising Sun City in the eastern region is only 14 years old. When my father was injured, she was only one year old at the time. And even if a Warlock were hidden at Holy Roland School, that person has been so low-key for so many years. He could not be the one who had injured my father.”

Long Xueyao directly denied Qin Qiong’s guess.

Qin Qiong thought for a moment and also felt that he was a bit irrational.

“However, the situation of the City Lord of The Rising Sun City can prove one thing: that the Warlocks have not disappeared from the Radiance Continent. Since there is a Warlock hiding in the Holy Roland School, there are certainly some fish that escaped the net and are lurking around the Radiance Continent, perhaps... the City Lord was hurt at that time by those who had escaped the net?" Wu Run said.

"This is not impossible." Qin Qiong nodded his head in agreement.

Long Xueyao was more sensible. She seriously looked at Shen Yanxiao and asked, "Shen Jue, you said that my father might have been cursed. May I know why you think so?"

Shen Yanxiao bit her lips. She was really not a meddlesome person. However, Long Fei and Long Xueyao, this pair of father and daughter were kind of pleasing to the eye. Thinking that she was going to steal the blueprint of their Thunder Artillery, Shen Yanxiao thought she might as well say a few more words to them.

"It's very simple. When I touched the City Lord, I didn't feel the emergence of dou qi in his body; rather, I felt a corrosive magical atmosphere. Lord Long Fei is a Swordmaster, that means he cultivates dou qi. But what I felt was a magical atmosphere; if it is not his own, it could only have been imposed on him. I have heard that at the onset of a curse, the magical atmosphere would fill the meridians throughout the cursed person’s body. So I had this suspicion." Since she had already opened her mouth, she might as well continue until the end. So Shen Yanxiao decided to say some words.

She did not have any intentions in doing so at first. It was just that after seeing Long Xueyao's filial piety, she couldn’t help but speak up a bit.

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