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"Head!" Qin Qiong immediately walked over to the bedside. 

Long Fei reluctantly sat up. 

"I flared up again?" 


"I see, it's been hard on you." Everytime the curse would attack Long Fei, he would not have even a bit of memories of the occurrence. He would only know that he had flared up again when he woke up and noticed the situation of his room.

"We are all useless. We can only let the head suffer bitterly." Qin Qiong said very guiltily. 

Long Fei was a very upright person. Be it the mercenaries or the people of Blizzard City, he treated them very kindly, so he always had a good reputation among the five major mercenary corps. 

If one asked which mercenary corps among the five largest mercenary corps of the Divine Wind Alliance had the most loyal members, then it was surely the Blizzard Mercenary Corps. 

The year when Blizzard City was attacked by a beast tide, the Blizzard Mercenary Corps suffered a great deal of damage. It could be said that it almost fell from its position among the five major mercenary corps, but thanks to the support and desperation of the entire mercenary corps, it was still able to stand firm in its position as one of the five major mercenary corps. 

Long Fei smiled bitterly and said, "This is my own sin and it is none of your concern." 

Qin Qiong was silent for a moment. He immediately thought of the conversation with Shen Yanxiao during the day. He immediately asked, "Head, is there any chance that you might not be sick at all?" 

Long Fei narrowed his eyes. 

Qin Qiong told Long Fei what Shen Yanxiao had said during the day, and Long Fei’s brow slightly wrinkled. 

"Curse? In this case, it is quite possible." Long Fei seemed to think about something. 

“We thought of going to The Rising Sun City to let Shen Yanxiao have a look. But, I just don’t know whether she will agree.” Qin Qiong was faced with difficulties. When Shen Yanxiao first entered the Barren Land, the Magical Fantasy City sent people to inform them about Shen Yanxiao’s arrival and invited them and the Twilight City to obstruct her operations.

Although at that time Long Fei did not intend to take action, it was only due to a specific reason that it looked like Long Fei had sent some people to hara.s.s her. And even though they did not cause any damage to Shen Yanxiao, they still did hinder her. 

Yet now, they were actually planning to ask Shen Yanxiao for help. They were not sure if Shen Yanxiao would agree. 

After all, what they did was a bit unkind. 

Long Fei said, "For this matter, we really did wrong her. We really shouldn’t have obstructed her that day. In the end, we were rude." 

Qin Qiong sighed. 

"If it were just the head at that time, we would not have made any moves. However, Head Gu was also present that same day. He had his Iron Blood Mercenaries take action and then planted it on our heads." At the beginning, Long Fei ignored the information that came from the Magical Fantasy City; however, it was a pity that Gu Lan was also there. Although Long Fei was reluctant to move, Gu Lan was not and so, without informing Long Fei, he took action that time. It was only afterwards that Long Fei found out about it.  

After Shen Yanxiao counterattacked, Long Fei naturally had Gu Lan stop their actions. 

However, these internal factors could not be known by The Rising Sun City over there. 

What they knew was that the Blizzard City had moved their hands against them. And since Long Fei was the City Lord of Blizzard City, then it was only he who could manage this. 

Shen Yanxiao resembled a cat on the beam. After she heard the conversation below, she was quite surprised. Originally, it was not Long Fei’s decision to hara.s.s them, but it was Gu Lan’s wonderful work! 

This was also good, or else she would still have a grudge with Long Fei for obstructing her previously. 

"Sigh. It's too late to say this." Long Fei was helpless. 

"In the end, whether or not I planned to obstruct her, it was wrong for me to not help a descendant of the Vermillion Bird Clan in their troubled times, especially since I could have stopped Gu Lan at that time.”

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