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Xiu replied in a moderate pace.

"Just like the magical beasts, the phantom beasts are also divided into different levels. Magical beasts are divided into low-level, mid-level, high-level, mythological-level, holy-level and legendary-level beast. The same is true for the phantom beasts except that after the high-level, the next level is called elite phantom beast, then the overlord phantom beast, and the highest level of phantom beasts is the demon overlord. The Wing of Death is the strongest of all phantom dragons; in other words, it is a demon overlord.”

"So, that Overlord Lava Beast is as powerful as a holy-level magical beast?” Shen Yanxiao heard a lot about the Overlord Lava Beast from Yun Qi. 

"Almost. However, compared to a phantom beast, a magical beast is a bit weaker. If the phantom beast were to exist in this world, then I’m afraid the status of the magical beasts in this world would be in crisis.” Xiu supported his chin while looking at the mini dragon that was acting coquettishly, hugging the finger of his other hand. There was not a trace of emotion in his eyes.

"Compared to a phantom beast, a magical beast is a bit… weaker?” Shen Yanxiao was speechless. 

“The magical beast lives in the Radiance Continent where the humans live; naturally, they’ll be weaker. Even a demon beast is more powerful than a magical beast. However, a magical beast can work together with humans in battles, so their degree of adaptability is higher than the other two. On the other hand, demon beasts hardly have any intelligence; they’re the type that only have well-developed limbs but are simple-minded. As long as one can find their weakness, it would be very easy to kill them. The phantom beasts are the kings of the beast race. Unfortunately they can only exist in this world for a short period of time and even need to rely on their own summoner’s capability. They are not suitable for a long-lasting fight. In a nutsh.e.l.l, the value of a magical beast is that it is the most dependable and reliable.” Xiu simply stated this after a.n.a.lyzing the three species of beasts.

He explained each of their advantages and disadvantages.

Although a magical beast’s strength was weaker than the other two, their advantage was that they could sign a contract with a human being and cooperate with them in battle. They had no time limit and had high loyalty.

Demon beasts, on the other hand, did not have high intelligence and therefore, could only be used on the front line. If they met an individual who was familiar with demon beasts, they would definitely suffer a major loss.  

Meanwhile, phantom beasts were both strong and smart, but in the end, they were not creatures from this world. They could only be here for a limited time, and so they could only be used in decisive battles.

"Phantom beasts had done the highest damage to the Devil Race. During the battle between the G.o.ds and devils, they were often seen everywhere. But now, at the present time, it’s difficult to see them.” Xiu seemed to be recalling the past events as his cold eyes stared at the mini dragon with indifference. At least, he didn’t directly kill it. 

“Are the phantom beasts really that strong?” Shen Yanxiao asked while bitterly looking at the mini dragon’s appearance.

"What level is it then?" She was not hoping for it to be an elite or overlord phantom beast anymore, but at least a high-level one so as to not lose too much face.  

Xiu s.h.i.+fted his gaze to her, and slowly let out words that almost made Shen Yanxiao vomit blood. 

"Newborn cubs are merely the lowest among the low-level phantom beasts.” 

So in the end, what she summoned was really just a stuffed toy? 

The corner of Shen Yanxiao’s mouth was pulled down. She had truly done the worst. Now, she could only accept and endure even if this mini dragon was just a low-level phantom beast. 


To think that it was actually a newborn cub that was the lowest even among the low-level phantom beasts! 

Thinking about the small Phoenix that had the strength of a rank eight magical beast as soon as it was born, and then looking back at this mini dragon…

Shen Yanxiao could only say that this was the biggest failure she had encountered in her glorious life! 

Was this phantom beast be the thing that would throw her into a pit? 

"Guji?" The mini dragon did not notice that his presence was a terrible blow to someone else as he continued to stay on Xiu’s side and act cute. 

Shen Yanxiao felt like her body was already full of cuts and bruises as she was covering her face. She then bent over and picked up the mini dragon from the table.hen Yanxiao slightly raised her eyebrows. She was intrigued by Long Fei’s words. 

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