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When the large troops of the Blizzard Mercenary Corps arrived before the gates of The Rising Sun City, everyone was astonished!

Standing below the dark and tall walls of the city, they could feel an invisible pressure in each of their hearts.

After being used to seeing the white walls of Blizzard City, now seeing the darkness in front of them, the people of the Blizzard Mercenary Corps couldn't help but swallow their saliva.

This was the legendary city that was built in no more than six months?


This was just too extravagant okay!

Just standing outside the city, one could tell that this city was more than twice as big as Blizzard City. From the city walls to the city gate, there was no place where the construction was not perfect. It was impossible to pick out the slightest fault.

The perfection of The Rising Sun City had brought great shock to everyone who had come here.

Who could have imagined that such a close-to-perfect city had actually been built in just less than half a year’s time?

How long had it taken to build the Blizzard City? How long for the Magical Fantasy City? What about the Twilight City?

Which of these three cities did not take more than five years?

But The Rising Sun City only used a tenth of their time to build a city that was even wider than their cities!

This was tantamount to slapping the faces of the other three City Lords.

"This city’s wall is made of obsidian?" Wu Run swallowed his saliva with difficulty. He subconsciously walked in front of the wall and reached out his hand to touch the cold wall.

"It really is... too extravagant." He was very clear about how precious obsidian was. They had plundered many obsidian stones from the eastern region in the past. But no one ever dared to extravagantly use it to such a point.

“The structure of the city walls is very reasonable. It seems that Shen Yanxiao had also made some efforts. Our Blizzard City really is inferior when compared.” Long Fei looked at The Rising Sun City before his eyes, and although there was shock in his heart, he did not have the slightest envy. His manner was broad and level. If there ever was a thing to envy, it was only the fact that Shen Yanxiao could build such a city in such a short period of time.

"It's dark, nothing good to look at." Gu Feng alighted from the carriage. He had a gloomy expression on. He originally planned to get closer to Long Xueyao during this journey, but he had been arranged to sit on a different carriage. Aside from the meal and rest time, there was no other chance to see Long Xueyao.

What was even more depressing was that... that country b.u.mpkin Shen Jue could actually sit with Long Xueyao in the same carriage!

Wu Run glanced at Gu Feng. He was really not pleased to see Gu Feng at all, this second-generation child. Gu Lan at least had some ability, but this Gu Feng, who was a full-fledged second-generation child, was an idiot!

If not for considering Gu Lan’s face, who would like to pay attention to this brat?

No one still cared about Gu Feng. Gu Feng was not that much concerned about this, but he was unwilling to be neglected like this. Putting on an act, he looked at the city gate of The Rising Sun City and saw only four soldiers stationed to guard. He could not help but smile, “No matter how spectacular the construction of the city walls was, it is just a big piece of meat to satisfy fat people. Such a big city, but there are only four soldiers guarding the city gates. I’m afraid this place, The Rising Sun City, is just an empty shelf, and is much worse than our Blizzard City."

"The Rising Sun City has just been built recently. It’s only normal to not make full arrangements for her staff yet." Long Fei thought that it was nothing at all. The military force in general cities could not be compared with that of the Blizzard City. Some advantages of the Blizzard City were inherent. This was undeniable.

Comparing their own strong point to another’s shortcomings— Long Fei would not do such a shameless thing.

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