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The "mistress"... or the mini dragon, had an "arrogant" look while standing on the shoulders of Shen Yanxiao and fluttering its tiny wings. Its pair of crimson eyes suddenly met a pair of big watery eyes.

"Guji?" The mini dragon crooked its head and looked at a certain ball of feather that was lying on top of Vermillion Bird's head.

"Chirp~?" The small Phoenix blinked its eyes and looked at its "new partner."

"Guji, Guji gu gu..."

"Chirp~Chirp Chirp~"

A mysterious dialogue that couldn’t be cracked had quietly unfolded.

On another side, Vermillion Bird was still bearing a grudge and accusing Shen Yanxiao for being disloyal. The citizens of The Rising Sun City seemed to be accustomed to this kind of scene already, and were just holding a mentality of watching a show on the sidelines.


The team of the Blizzard Mercenary Corps was...

As if they had been struck with lightning five times and were burnt by everything in front of their eyes.

"Ver... Vermillion Bird just...what did he just say? He...did he say that he's...Shen Jue’s... contractual magical beast?” Wu Run had been so shocked that he couldn't even speak properly, his eyes almost popping out from its socket.

Long Fei opened his mouth and could not find his voice for a long time.

A person who had signed a contract with Vermillion Bird, in the whole world, it could only be that person, right?

But wasn't that Shen Yanxiao the person they wanted to see this time?

How could Shen Jue be her...

A series of lightning strikes rang in the minds of everyone. Vermillion Bird and Shen Yanxiao had already ‘flirted’ to this point. If they still did not understand someone’s ident.i.ty, then they had just lived their whole lives in vain.

“Shen Jue is... Shen Yanxiao?” Long Fei finally found his voice, but when he said this, even he himself felt his spirit floating.

Although the age of the two people was similar, their ident.i.ties were too...

Long Fei was really extremely thunderstruck by this fact.

On the other side, Long Xueyao’s expression was very complicated; shocked, disbelieving, and more than anything else, filled with a sense of loss.

However, the one who had received the greatest impact from this all was still Gu Feng.

When Vermillion Bird charged towards Shen Yanxiao, Gu Feng was full of thoughts that this brat would be cleaned up by Vermillion Bird, but the next second, G.o.d turned around the course of events, making the smile on his face instantly shatter into fragments.

He unbelievably stared his wide eyes at Vermillion Bird’s ‘affectionate’ att.i.tude to Shen Yanxiao, wis.h.i.+ng he could burn two holes on Shen Yanxiao’s face with his eyes!

She was Shen Yanxiao? She was actually Shen Yanxiao!!!

Gu Feng was no longer ignorant. After seeing the bustling and prosperous scenes inside The Rising Sun City, he knew that whoever could sit on top of this city would have great wealth in their hands.

However, the person who sat above all this had actually been regarded by him as his rival all this time; throwing her all kinds of mockery, looking at her with unpleasant meaning everytime, as if she were a mere country b.u.mpkin!

If Shen Yanxiao were a country b.u.mpkin, then what was he?

A mouthful of blood was stuck in Gu Feng’s throat. He would have never connected Shen Jue and Shen Yanxiao together even in his dreams. In his opinion, Shen Jue was only a poor boy with a bit of skill, which was only in his strength. But now, Shen Jue had become Shen Yanxiao. Not to mention that her own strength was bigger than he thought, she also had a Mythological Beast on her side, The Rising Sun City in her hands, and behind her was the Vermillion Bird Clan which was one of the five great clans of the Long Xuan Empire!

Power, status, prestige, influence, strength...

Shen Yanxiao swept away almost everything that people longed for.

Gu Feng had always thought that his condition was excellent, but now, when he compared himself to Shen Yanxiao, he just wanted to die!

He was just a second-generation child relying on his father's prestige. He had no strength and no city.

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