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It had only been a month!!!

She had jumped straight from the Senior Profession to the Second Stage Profession? Did she want other people to die from coughing up blood?

The talent of the five animals had always been very outstanding, but most of them were only Advanced Professionals. Only Qi Xia had broken through the second stage early on, but even Qi Xia didn’t have such a cultivation speed that defied the natural order.

"I think I just received a huge blow." Tang Nazhi clutched his chest. Would they always be given such a huge fright all the time and anywhere if they stayed by Shen Yanxiao’s side?

The rapid advancement of Shen Yanxiao made all the five animals realize that they had stayed idle for a long time. During this time, they rarely cultivated. It seemed that it was now time to bring up their cultivation schedule. Otherwise, if they continued to follow this little la.s.s around who liked to stir up trouble, they feared that they would meet some difficulties in the future.

"Why did you came back with Long Fei?" Qi Xia was more concerned about this point.

Shen Yanxiao answered, "When I left this time, I trained in the north..."

Shen Yanxiao told Qi Xia and others about everything that happened in the northern region.

After listening to Shen Yanxiao's story, the five people's faces were showing a hint of respect.

"Long Fei’s manner is not bad, it’s just that the Blizzard City belongs to the Divine Wind Alliance. The att.i.tudes of several other heads of the Divine Wind Alliance are not clear to us. That Gu Lan person you mentioned should be just as bad as Geng Di. If you want to save Long Fei, we don’t have any objections. But you still have to think clearly. If you rescue him now, when the time comes that the Divine Wind Alliance will do something against us in the future, I’m afraid that not even Long Fei could stop it with just him alone." By helping Long Fei, she would not only have saved Long Fei, but the entire Blizzard Mercenary Corps as well. In a sense, she would help the Divine Wind Alliance expand their forces.

The Divine Wind Alliance had the greatest power in the Barren Land; even The Rising Sun City was not its match.

"Don't think too much. Instead of waiting for Long Fei to die and seeing the Blizzard Mercenary Corps be devoured by the other four, it's better for me to help him continue to stabilize. As long as there is Long Fei, the Blizzard City won’t have too much hostility towards The Rising Sun City.” The difference between letting a person who was grateful to her sit in the position of City Lord of Blizzard City and letting a person who was hostile to her sit in the position could be imagined.

"Whatever you want, as long you have thought it through well, just go and do it." Qi Xia shrugged. He believed in Shen Yanxiao's ability to judge.

"I will hand over the blueprint of the artillery to Ah-Xi. You must study it as soon as possible." Shen Yanxiao took out the blueprint of the Thunder Artillery and handed it over to Yang Xi.

It was just perfect to leave the creation of defense weapons to the Azure Dragon Clan that was well-known for making weapons.

Yang Xi took the blueprint and looked at it.

"The strength of the Divine Wind Alliance is truly unrivalled. The design of this Thunder Artillery is much better than that of our Long Xuan Empire’s artillery. Once we build this and place them on the walls, we will simply be invincible."

"You can tell by just glancing at it? I'm actually going to let the demons control these artillery. Try to change a little bit based on this design. It's best not to let other people see it as the Thunder Artillery." Shen Yanxiao still kept that in mind. The Thunder Artillery was confidential. Even if she had saved Long Fei this time, once it was discovered that she had stolen the blueprint of the Thunder Artillery, the great grat.i.tude would turn into hatred.

After she had stolen the blueprint of the Thunder Artillery, Shen Yanxiao secretly made a copy. She took advantage of the time when people were not paying attention to put the blueprint back. This blueprint that she had brought back to The Rising Sun City was in fact just the copy.

"Let the demons control the artillery?" Yang Xi raised an eyebrow; this idea sounded very strange.

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