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The demons did not notice at all that they had been tricked by Shen Yanxiao into a wrong way of thinking.

In fact, they had been incorporated into one single troop by Shen Yanxiao to reduce the obstacles in building The Rising Sun City, which also allowed the entire eastern region of the Barren Land to stabilize.

However, Shen Yanxiao did not say these facts, and they themselves simply did not realize this.

Right now, their brains were only full of thoughts of them being so useless. Even humans had made so much contribution to The Rising Sun City, but they, the higher demons, were actually just eating to death.

This greatly dampened the self-esteem of these demons.

Shen Yanxiao saw that the strength of her blow was enough, and then comfortably said, “In fact, each of you is very strong. To put you in a small place is also a waste. Letting you become the first army of The Rising Sun City is to use the most powerful force of the city as the last line of defense."

Shen Yanxiao gave them a slap and a red date. First, she said that the demons were useless, and now she was boasting their potentials that soon caused a group of demons who were in conflict with the formation of the army to be shaken.

"Lord, why don’t we try it?" The demons were fooled and fell directly into Shen Yanxiao’s trap.

Fu Tu, the only sensible one, had long been crying demon tears on one side for Shen Yanxiao's shamelessness.

Despicable, too despicable!

Was it really fine to fool these simple and pure demons?

But Fu Tu really dared not speak out and just completely surrendered to the despotic power of Shen Yanxiao.

"Good." Shen Yanxiao smiled, looking at the demons.

“What does the Lord intend to let the... Great G.o.d teach us?” The demons were very confused. They were all very familiar with the members of The Rising Sun City. Besides Shen Yanxiao, they really didn’t feel that anybody could hold them down. 

For example, Du Lang. Although he had a lot of skills, and he had a good brain, there was still no way for him to suppress this group of higher demons.

Shen Yanxiao smiled a little and raised her hands, then a faint dark mist spread out from her chest.

The demons opened their eyes wide and looked at this scene in shock.

They watched as the dark mist gradually formed a shape, and in front of their eyes, a slender figure impressively appeared.

They had just barely glimpsed at the figure, yet the moment he appeared, more than four hundred higher demons at the lobby instantly felt a tremendous pressure that they had never felt before shrouding them.

Almost at the same time, all the demons’ foreheads were dripping with sweat, and their breathing became extremely labored.

The eyes of each demon were locked on the face of that absolutely handsome and incomparable figure. They were not shocked by such an imposing appearance, but the powerful momentum that this man was exuding.

Xiu’s slender figure was floating in the air, and his golden eyes with terrifying chill swept across the group of higher demons.

It was just one sweep of the eyes, but it let each of the higher demons who had been glanced at by him feel invisible fear.

The moment that Xiu looked at them, several of the weaker higher demons almost had the urge to bow down.

"Demons." Xiu’s thin lips lightly opened, his indifferent golden eyes were full of coldness.

Almost at the same time as he spoke, the demons in the entire lobby immediately felt a tremendous pressure that smashed down on their bodies. More than four hundred higher demons fell to the ground simultaneously!

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