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They all knew the ident.i.ty of those higher demons. Watching a group of beautiful ladies chasing behind a group of higher demons and throwing handkerchiefs at them while being ignored, the group of human beings felt truly hurt. Their self-esteem had received an unprecedented blow!

The men of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps were weeping, and the demons in the underground city were crying as well.

The higher demons all went to training. The poor lower demons and middle demons felt the torture of death at a fixed time every day.

Xiu’s aura emanating from the training field was a kind of torture for them.

Think about it. Even the higher demons could not withstand it. So how could the lower and middle demons?

They really felt like dying!

Their bosses ran off collectively, and they were also tortured by an unknown being; their hearts really ached very much.

Because Xiu would come out every day, Shen Yanxiao intensified her efforts to cultivate during this time, holding the black crystal to absorb dark elements for Xiu.

With Shen Yanxiao’s constant entrance and exit from the underground city, the five animals finally could not hold back...

"I say, Little Xiao, if you’re not in your room to cultivate, you will go to the underground city; just what exactly are you doing?" Tang Nazhi managed to endure for several days but finally dragged his other partners to find Shen Yanxiao. He was really curious. Just what kind of earth-shaking things was this little lady carrying out this time?

Shen Yanxiao had just finished her cultivation and then came out to eat. She saw the five animals uniformly emerge in front of her, after which Tang Nazhi’s question rang in her ears.

She pursed up her lips and looked at the five animals, "Do you want to know?"

The five people nodded tacitly.

"Just wait, you will know soon." Shen Yanxiao smilingly said.


This little girl was really not planning to tell them!

The five animals were very depressed, really very depressed.

At this time, a figure had quietly appeared outside the City Lord Residence.

Shen Jiawei looked at the closed gates of the City Lord Residence. There was a hesitation on his face. He lingered outside for a long time before finally knocking on the gate.

When Shen Jiawei entered the City Lord Residence, the five animals were still squinting their eyes at Shen Yanxiao. When they saw Shen Jiawei, a trace of doubt appeared in their eyes.

What did this kid come here for?

Shen Jiawei and Shen Jiayi had been fairly well-behaved since the day they entered The Rising Sun City. Shen Yanxiao’s arrangement before was right. When Shen Feng saw the two children, the joy on his face could not be concealed: even if their father had done something so wicked, in the end, they were still his grandson and granddaughter. Shen Feng was very moved that Shen Yanxiao had kept them.

Shen Jiayi rarely appeared in front of people. She did not move to Shen Feng's residence. Instead, she stayed in the courtyard that had been arranged for them by Shen Yanxiao initially. Every day, she would not leave the room except for when eating meals. She locked herself in the house and had no contact with outsiders. Even Shen Jiawei could not say a few words to her.

This Shen Jiawei had really woken up to reality now.

During this period of time, he was very honest. He would always pay respect to Shen Feng, and also chat with him every day. The rest of the time, he would also help in various parts of the city. He never asked for more, he never demanded anything. As if to atone for his own ignorance, he tried to reduce the trouble for Shen Yanxiao.

Even not so long ago, he had thought about joining the guards in the city, defending the city gates and whatnot.

Shen Jiawei's changes had been witnessed by the five animals; he was indeed not as big of a prima donna as he had been before.

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