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Long Fei didn’t partic.i.p.ate for some reason, but the other four mercenary corps couldn’t just sit still and wanted to step foot in the Barren Land.

Although Blizzard City was not a private possession of Long Fei, Blizzard City was still the work of the Blizzard Mercenary Corps in the end. In the allocation of resources from the Barren Land, the Blizzard Mercenary Corps enjoyed the highest authority of distribution and had access to more resources than the other four.

In such case, could the other four mercenary groups not be envious?

Long Fei rarely missed the tournament and because of Long Fei, the members of the Blizzard Mercenary Corps also did not have thoughts of partic.i.p.ating. This gave the other four mercenary corps a chance.

Although the tournament was divided in three games, with the strength of the Divine Wind Alliance in sight, even if they give up one game, for them, they could still securely win the other two games.

The question was how to distribute the results of these two games. If they could win in the tournament, they could get more benefits by dividing the resources of other regions.

The four mercenary corps did not want to pick up small advantages, therefore they agreed to send equal number of members to partic.i.p.ate in team battle and group battle.

However, they thought too lightly of the opponents. Their team that didn’t have a bit of cooperation was then utterly defeated, completely without any chance of victory.

"The five major mercenary corps of the Divine Wind Alliance are evenly tied in status, but because of Blizzard City, the Blizzard Mercenary Corps has a tendency to surpa.s.s the other mercenary corps. If not for Long Fei’s discomfort these years, I’m afraid that the other four mercenary corps of the Divine Wind Alliance would have already been crushed by him. Can they not worry?" Tang Nazhi smilingly opened his mouth. This sort of gossip about internal strife was his most favorite!

"So according to the usual practice, the tournament this time should be held in the Twilight City, right?" Yang Xi raised his eyebrows. The tournament on the seventh day of the seventh month would be arranged by the winner of the previous tournament. The last time, it was the Twilight City’s victory, so this time, the tournament would naturally be held on their turf.

The reason for such a practice was because it took a lot of manpower and material resources to arrange the tournament, hence, the winner who had obtained a lot of resources should be the one handling the next one.

"The last time, Twilight City gained small advantages, but now that Long Fei has recovered, I’m afraid that this year would be another tough fight." Li Xiaowei had some regret that Shen Yanxiao had healed Long Fei as it really gave them a strong enemy. But viewed from another angle, Shen Yanxiao received a lot of benefits from Blizzard City during this time.

"Who cares about Twilight City, Blizzard City, or Magical Fantasy City? Before The Rising Sun City, they are all tras.h.!.+" Tang Nazhi grinned with an absolute confidence.

Shen Yanxiao glanced at the overwhelmingly confident Tang Naizhi; she vaguely felt that these partners of hers had greatly improved their strength in the past weeks of closed-door cultivation. She even suspected that they had already broken through the second stage.

After all, before this, Qi Xia had already broken through the second stage, and the strength of the others had already been at the peak of the Advanced Professional stage; it was just that this period of time had slowed down the speed of their cultivation, stopping their advancement and allowing her to break through to second stage before them. If they had been concentrating on their cultivation since the beginning, she feared that they would have already made a breakthrough even before they entered The Rising Sun City.

"I’m not the least bit worried about the individual battle. The City Lord has already broken through the second stage, and in the match one can use their magical beast. With the help of Vermillion Bird, there are few others who can match the City Lord. At the very least, Geng Di’s contractual magical beast is just a high-level magical beast, it can't compare with Vermillion Bird at all." Du Lang felt that in this tournament’s individual battle, they had an absolute advantage. The personal strength of Shen Yanxiao was just really amazing.

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