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Chapter 98- The Bookworms Are Too Savage Part 1


Tang Nazhi was in quite a good mood. Although he was still struggling with the pillow in his hand, a clear and bright smiling expression still hung on his face.

This Shen Jue was much easier to get close to than he’d imagined!

In fact, right after Tang Nazhi had arrived at the dorm, he’d already known the ident.i.ties of his two future roommates of his. As for Lin Xan’s ident.i.ty, let’s not talk about it for the time being, it was actually this youngster called Shen Jue that had drawn an enormous amount of his interest, for both he and Shen Jue took their entrance tests  in the same entrance exam hall. Of the hundreds of people in the entire entrance exam hall, only the two of them had pa.s.sed the exam.  

The Holy Roland School’s pharmaceutical exam was usually so sick that it caused people to draw a blank, for he himself had also been rigidly oppressed till his face was as red as blood. Only this year, with great difficulty, and after using a few techniques, did he finally slip through. As for this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d called Shen Jue, unexpectedly, he’d relied on his own genuine skill to pa.s.s through the test. Moreover, after the test had concluded, Tang Nazhi had clearly heard that Tutor Lou De, who was well-known to be strict, unexpectedly made an exception and praised this unprepossessing little b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

To be able to cause that old fogey to nod his head and say more than a few words of praise, it was sufficient to show this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s gift towards pharmacology.

Tang Nazhi had then imprinted Shen Jue’s name in his heart. Everyone knew that he had an obstinateness that exceeded that of the common people towards pa.s.sing the pharmaceutical branch’s exam. However, his target wasn’t merely pa.s.sing through the exam that was as simple as this. He still wanted to become an exceptional pharmacist, and properly have that group of scoundrels carefully take a look at his own ability.

However, even if Tang Nazhi was obstinate, he wasn’t an idiot. He himself had used a full two and half years, and only then, had he smoothly pa.s.sed through the pharmaceutical branch’s exam. This was sufficient to ill.u.s.trate that his own talent towards pharmacology simply wasn’t that much, thus he just had to find a cla.s.smate that excelled in both morals and studies to be his helper, so that he could reach the target that he wanted to!

And, Shen Jue was precisely his number one choice!

At such a young age, this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d had already obtained Lou De’s recognition. It could be clearly seen that Shen Jue had a very high talent towards pharmacology. At the time when Shen Jue’s group was taking the test, Tang Nazhi had also stealthily taken note of their test. Frankly, he also hadn’t discovered that there had been a difference in the ingredients used!

Witnessing Shen Jue’s ‘outstandingness’, Tang Nazhi had immediately made preparations to rope Shen Jue in. In fact, even if Shen Jue was unwilling to  helpful to him, Tang Nazhi would forcibly tie Shen Jue to his side!

However, from what he’d seen, this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s temper was one that was easy to get along with. If that was so, so long as he had Shen Jue’s a.s.sistance, he believed that he’d very soon be able to bring about a quant.i.tative leap in his pharmacology skills!

The Holy Roland School’s enrollment exam continued on for three days. Only then, was it over. The fellow students that were enrolled were in high spirits. As for the enormous majority of people that had the door shut in their face, each of them couldn’t help but to dejectedly return to their homes, with each finding their mothers.

Of this year’s student enrollment period, the pharmaceutical branch had altogether gained a hundred and sixty three students, which was only one percent of the total number of people that had entered themselves for the examination.

Shen Yanxiao had pa.s.sed her exam on the first day, thus for the following two days, a great majority of her time was spent being dragged by Tang Nazhi to look at a few books pertaining to pharmacology. The contents of these books to her were just like a mysterious code. When she dismantled them into single characters, she recognised them, but when they were combined together, they were completely unfamiliar.

She also didn’t know where Tang Nazhi got the self-confidence  to treat her as a genius in pharmacology. Frequently, he’d point at some herbs’ properties that were in the book, and would ask her some questions about them. Shen Yanxiao could only silently look at the herbs that she was seeing for the first time, and unperturbedly return a smile back to him. This young and vigorous youngster would then immediately be just as if he’d been ‘injected with chicken blood’, and would excitedly burn the midnight oil. [TL: ‘inject chicken blood’ means extremely excited or energetic]

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