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The name of Twilight City had a certain relations.h.i.+p with its own architecture. As Nangong Mengmeng said, the walls of the entire Twilight City were made of metal. At sunset, the city walls would reflect the beautiful twilight, until the semi-darkness gradually spread and the night combined with the whole city.

Hence the name Twilight City.

A row of guards was guarding at the city gate of the Twilight City.

Du Lang handed the invitation letter to the city guards. In a short while, a middle-aged man dressed in light armor walked to the front of their carriage.

"Greetings to Shen Yanxiao, City Lord of The Rising Sun City, we welcome you all. My City Lord has prepared a place for everyone to rest, if you would please follow me."

Shen Yanxiao and the others got off the carriage and walked into Twilight City under the guidance of the middle-aged man.

The interior of Twilight City was mostly made of metal, and the area of Twilight City was slightly smaller than that of Blizzard City and Magical Fantasy City. This place must be filled with people of the Seven Kingdoms. The main streets and alleys seemed particularly crowded.

Even the main streets could only accommodate two carriages travelling side-by-side.

The place they arranged for Shen Yanxiao’s team was quite far from the center of the Twilight City, located at the corner of the southeastern part. Shen Yanxiao and co had walked for a long time before they arrived there. There was only one pavillion there that was not particularly big.

"Please, Lord Shen and the whole team, feel free to take your rest here. The people from the Blizzard City and Magical Fantasy City will come over in two days. At that time, my City Lord will entertain you." The middle-aged man held a smile on his face and his att.i.tude was polite.

However, arranging the people of The Rising Sun City to be in such a remote and simple place could not make people think that the Twilight City was friendly to The Rising Sun City.

Shen Yanxiao seemed not very concerned about it. As if she found nothing strange at all, she smiled and said, "Thank you for your hard work."

The middle-aged man exchanged a few words with Shen Yanxiao and then left.

As soon as he left, the people of The Rising Sun City started complaining.

"This Duan Hen is very petty in doing things. He actually arranged for us to stay in such a remote place? Doesn’t this mean he’s not putting us in his eyes?" Tang Nazhi looked at the the building in front of him that was not as good as his own house in The Rising Sun City and his mood turned bad. They were also elites representing a city. Was that Duan Hen neglecting them when he arranged them here?

"The Twilight City is smaller, maybe the accommodations they arranged for Blizzard City and Magical Fantasy City are similar to this one. Don't mind it." Li Xiaowei was unexpectedly in a good temper as he soothed things out.

"It doesn't have to be in such a corner." Tang Nazhi still couldn’t understand.

"Don’t think too much, just do as the natives do. Anyway, we’ve come here for the tournament not to amuse ourselves; we’re not going to live here forever." Yang Xi said. He was actually very interested in the forging and casting method in the Twilight City.

Shen Yanxiao did not say anything as well and only took her people into the pavillion.

This pavillion looked a bit shabby from the outside, and when one entered, the scene would render people even more speechless.

The interior was simple and crude with little decorations aside from the tables, chairs, and other furniture. There was only one old man in his sixties in charge of the entire pavillion.

Not to mention that the old man walked so slowly, his body even seemed like it couldn’t withstand being tossed back and forth. Moreover, this pavillion was at least big enough to accomodate more than a hundred people, and to a.s.sign only one person to serve them was actually somewhat illogical.

There were more than 30 rooms in the entire building. As such, at least four or five people must share a room to rest.

The furnis.h.i.+ngs in the rooms were shabby to the extreme. Except for the beds, tables and chairs, there wasn’t even a cabinet or two. The empty room was more than enough to be occupied by four or five people.

This was practically even more simple and crude than the military camp.

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