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The living conditions of The Rising Sun City’s team had risen from h.e.l.l to heaven; not only were their living quarters now better, even their food was the best.

While they were merrily eating and drinking, they also did not forget how much money Shen Yanxiao had spent for them; one by one, they became secretly determined to give their all in this tournament. They must win the victory no matter what.

Otherwise, they really would feel ashamed after receiving the generosity of their City Lord.

Mmm! This white pig trotters soup is really delicious…[1]

The matter about the people of The Rising Sun City buying luxury goods in Twilight City quickly spread around. Many businessmen who had sold many things to The Rising Sun City’s people swiftly disseminated information on a grand scale. They stated that the people of The Rising Sun City were all extravagant. When they came to their stores, they would choose only the best and they wouldn’t even spare the inferior things a glance.

The Rising Sun City was the last city that had been built in the Barren Land and Twilight City was very far away from The Rising Sun City; thus many people had no idea of the situation there. Based on their point of view, a city that had just been built couldn’t have so much money, right? This time, they came in the Twilight City to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament.

Who would have known that in just one afternoon, this action of The Rising Sun City would make them a hot topic discussed by groups of people, startling these people into dropping their jaws.

A lot of people had begun to wonder how rich The Rising Sun City was in the end, since in just one afternoon, a hundred of their people had spent no less than millions of gold coins. Were gold coins not money for The Rising Sun City? Even if you were extremely wealthy, you did not have to spend that much!

After that afternoon, the people of The Rising Sun City had successfully left a glorious image of "real local tyrants" among the citizens of the Twilight City.

And even the many businessmen, after hearing the gossip from their peers, immediately ran to the place where The Rising Sun City’s team lived, knocking on their door and selling their own products.

The fellows who were still eating their dinner were really shocked by the pile of businessmen that were stuck in their doorway, carrying their own luxury goods.

Shen Yanxiao faintly raised her eyes and swept across the people in the dining room.

All the people were tacitly looking at the ground; no one dared to lift their head.

"Vermillion Bird." Shen Yanxiao said.

"Hm?" Vermillion Bird, with a slice of pork belly in his mouth, raised his head and looked at Shen Yanxiao in confusion.

"Drive them away." Shen Yanxiao faintly ordered.

"Understood!" Vermillion Bird hurriedly swallowed the pork belly, picked up the small Phoenix that was standing on the table and eating rice and then threw it on his head. After a second, he whistled toward the group of people blocking the gate.

The people in the dining room only heard miserable howling and shrieking outside the gate. In less than five minutes, Vermillion Bird walked in as he clapped his hands as if to remove the dirt and continued to sit in his seat and eat.

The people silently looked at Vermillion Bird's "stalwart" figure and swallowed their saliva.

Cruel! Too Cruel!

Although they didn’t see Vermillion Bird in action, the screams of misery they heard were already enough to make them imagine how miserably those businessmen had suffered.

"These days, you can stroll around in the Twilight City, but don't create such trouble again." After Shen Yanxiao had finished eating, she wiped her mouth and glaringly warned everyone.

She did not intend to shut this group of people in this small building; there wouldn’t be many opportunities to come to this Twilight City, so naturally they must look around.

Although the Twilight City was small, it also had good places.

"Yes!" The crowd nodded just like they were mas.h.i.+ng garlic.

After dinner, Shen Yanxiao allowed everyone to move freely, and she herself went back to her room, decisively replacing her dress and putting on a black outfit.

Needless to say, the City Lord who had smashed away millions of gold coins during the day had to start her sideline business at night in Twilight City.

She would get back all the money she spent today tonight!

[1] White Pig Trotters Soup

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