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After a couple of days in the Twilight City, the team of the Magical Fantasy City and Blizzard City finally arrived in the Twilight City.

Nangong Mengmeng, a master idler, immediately went up with jolting b.u.t.tocks to gather some gossip about the the two teams as soon as they entered the city.

As a result, when she came back at night, Nangong Mengmeng’s cute face looked very unsightly.

“What happened?” Shen Yanxiao asked after seeing Nangong Mengmeng’s unusual gloomy face.

Nangong Mengmeng answered, "I thought that the Twilight City arranged us here because they had no other options, but then, when I went to see the residence of the teams of Magical Fantasy City and Blizzard City, I saw that both places are close to the center of the city, and even not mentioning that, the buildings are very luxurious.” Nangong Mengmeng was very angry. To think that someone powerful like her family’s master would be treated like this, as if the Twilight City was deliberately making things difficult for her.

At the beginning, she still held friendly thoughts and felt that Twilight City was also experiencing some difficulties.

As a result, after the arrival of the other two City Lords today, she realized how naive she was. The Twilight City was by no means having problems in providing better accommodations, they were simply unwilling to give them shelter.

The things in this entire house were basically bought after Shen Yanxiao’s arrival. Although it no longer looked shabby, the number of rooms was fixed. The soft quilts couldn’t change the fact that several people were crammed into a bed.

There were many better places in the Twilight City, but they were not allowed to live there.

Obviously, they were the first to arrive, but the results were that good places had actually been reserved for the Magical Fantasy City and Blizzard City already. Even fools knew that Twilight City didn’t put them in their eyes.

"It doesn't matter, we won’t live here for a long time anyway." Shen Yanxiao smiled. She had long guessed the crafty idea of Twilight City since the beginning. And for that reason she had allowed her people to buy various items, so as to not let her and her people suffer.

So when she heard the words of Nangong Mengmeng, she was not in the least bit surprised.

"Master, your temper is so good. Even though everyone else is bullying you, you can still be like a bystander." Nangong Mengmeng only thought that Shen Yanxiao didn’t deserve this kind of treatment. Her impression of Magical Fantasy City’s Geng Di was that he was someone sissy, and as for Long Fei of Blizzard City, although she had a good impression of him, he was someone who had asked Shen Yanxiao for a favor to release the curse on his body. Yet, these two people were being treated better than Shen Yanxiao in this place.

Nangong Mengmeng certainly could not tolerate it.

"Pu." Tang Nazhi directly spewed out the tea he was drinking after hearing the words of Nangong Mengmeng.

Shen Yanxiao's temper was good?

Hehehehe... This was the biggest joke he had ever heard!

This little la.s.s was overprotective, vengeful, petty at times, black-bellied, shameless, and her methods were very sinister. What good temper?

"How old are you, yet you can’t even drink water properly?" Qi Xia was sitting next to Tang Nazhi and he was contaminated by his saliva. He glanced at Tang Nazhi, looking disgusted.

Tang Nazhi wiped his mouth silently.

"We just came here for the tournament. We don’t need to care about this at all. But do you all remember what the man had said before? After Geng Di and Long Fei came over, the City Lord of the Twilight City would open a feast and invite the City Lords of the other three cities." Yan Yu's temperament was milder. He also understood that the Twilight City’s approach didn’t deal any damage to them.

As a matter of fact, had not Shen Yanxiao scooped out a sum of money from within the city walls of the Twilight City a couple of days ago, in exchange for the money they had spent this period of time in Twilight City?

Wool came from the sheep's back. If they wouldn’t give it to them, couldn’t they just take it by themselves?

"I haven't seen anyone coming to inform us yet." Li Xiaowei frowned slightly. It was reasonable to say that the Twilight City should have prepared the feast by now, since Geng Di and Long Fei had already arrived.

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