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Long Xueyao took part in today’s banquet with Long Fei. She sat beside Long Fei, and from time to time, she would look out the door.

"Father, Lord Shen hasn't come yet." Long Xueyao lowered her voice and spoke in Long Fei’s ear.

This was the reason why Long Fei was frowning. They had been at the banquet for a while now, but he had not yet seen Shen Yanxiao’s figure. After entering the Twilight City, he clearly heard that Shen Yanxiao’s team had already arrived two days before them. It was only reasonable to say that she should not come later than them tonight.

Shen Yanxiao was very kind to Long Fei. Long Fei would naturally not be ungrateful. He looked at Elder Wen, who was chatting with Geng Di, and asked, “Elder Wen, I do not know when the City Lord of The Rising Sun City will come over?”

Elder Wen heard Long Fei's question and slowly turned to look at him,"Is Lord Long speaking about that deviant Shen Yanxiao?"


Long Fei's eyebrows wrinkled into “川”.

On the other hand, Geng Di said with a chuckle, "Lord Long should have heard of The Rising Sun City Lord’s matter. The Long Xuan Empire has made no achievements in the Barren Land for so many years, but they have sent such a little devil who’s still green. Their city has now built in the Barren Land, there’s nothing else to say about that. However, this girl was a Warlock, and I also got news from Long Xuan Empire not long ago that this Lord Shen, in order to acquire funding from the Long Xuan Empire, had privately detained the Prince Long Yue and State Preceptor Pei Yuan of their country."

Geng Di's words were extremely provocative, making the face of Elder Wen, who was sitting high, not very good-looking.

"Such a little devil who lacks etiquette and doesn’t know how to distinguis.h.i.+ng between seniors and juniors; Lord Long does not need to worry about her. But, just after becoming a City Lord and she already has the courage to detain the prince; if we let her grow even more in the Barren Land in the future, wouldn’t she ignore all the sovereigns reigning above the Radiance Continent?"

The tone of Elder Wen was very bad. It was obvious that he had a great prejudice against Shen Yanxiao.

The Warlock was originally very unwelcome in the Radiance Continent. When Shen Yanxiao entered the Barren Land, she gave The Magical Fantasy City a slap in the face. Although it deterred the other three forces from making further actions, her behavior seemed a bit over the top. Then, even this news, which who knew where Geng Di had heard it from, about Shen Yanxiao detaining Long Yue and Pei Yuan in The Rising Sun City was heard by Elder Wen.

Shen Yanxiao’s image in Elder Wen’s mind fell to the very bottom of the cliff.

This elder surnamed Wen was a member of the Seven Kingdoms’ Elders Council. The Seven Kingdoms attached great importance in distinguis.h.i.+ng between seniors and juniors. They would never tolerate anyone lower offending their superiors. The elders of the Elders Council were the highest decision-makers. Even the kings of each country could not raise any opinion or resistance about their decisions.

Consider Shen Yanxiao, who dared to offend the sovereign and privately detained a country's prince; in the eyes of Elder Wen, this was a big act of treason.

This was precisely the Warlock profession that provoked right and wrong. And with these things, Elder Wen had already regarded Shen Yanxiao as a scourge.

Or, in short, Elder Wen awfully disliked Shen Yanxiao.

Geng Di was very happy to see everyone disliking Shen Yanxiao. With the intention of  pouring oil on the fire, he said, "This kind of arrogant, ungrateful little devil, one should give her a little color to see. If Elder Wen can let her eat so much loss, I believe she should realize that here in the Barren Land, it’s not her nor The Rising Sun City that have the final say. There is no place here for her to talk.”

"That is natural. If a young child is rough, they naturally need to be polished." Elder Wen nodded his head. All the unfair treatment that The Rising Sun City received here in the Twilight City was his work.

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