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"In those years, our three countries had invested a lot of energy for over ten years in order to rebuild an ordinary city. That Shen Yanxiao is just a member of the Long Xuan Empire’s Vermillion Bird Clan. Even if the Vermillion Bird Clan does their best, I’m afraid that it will not be stronger than the power of our three countries. Furthermore, the initial number of people Shen Yanxiao brought into the Barren Land was only over a hundred people. Just more than a hundred people opened up a main city within half a year. This is simply a fantasy story. If she did not have other tricks, how could she do it in such a period of time?” Geng Di sneered. The Rising Sun City had become a legend in the Barren Land. The main city that was opened up for no more than half a year let the three City Lords’ faces to reach rock bottom.

Even if you kill Geng Di, he would not believe that Shen Yanxiao really did it using her own ability alone.

"This number, just more than one hundred people, is simply not enough to contend with the high number of the higher demons in The Rising Sun City. Even if they have three heads and six arms, I am afraid that they could still not exterminate all the demons inside."

Long Fei took a deep breath. Shen Yanxiao’s construction speed of The Rising Sun City was indeed overwhelmingly fast. The other cities in the Barren Land had different opinions about this matter, but Long Fei did not believe that Shen Yanxiao would be so despicable as to detain the prince and state preceptor and threaten the emperor using them.

In fact, Shen Yanxiao did detain the prince and the state preceptor, but threaten the emperor? Simply ridiculous. The emperor didn’t contribute even a single stone to The Rising Sun City. Every brick and every roof tile of The Rising Sun City was built by her people personally.

"It is said that there are eight Mythological Beasts in The Rising Sun City. With these eight Mythological Beasts’ help, it’s not impossible. Lord Geng, haven’t you seen them before?" Long Xueyao impressively spoke at this time. Her rhetoric not only found a suitable reason for Shen Yanxiao, it also brought up the demonstration of the eight Mythological Beasts in the Magical Fantasy City to slap Geng Di in the face.

As expected, Geng Di’s complexion turned white in an instant.

The fact that eight Mythological Beasts had surrounded the Magical Fantasy City had always been Geng Di’s shame. A large part of the reason why he hated Shen Yanxiao so much was this.

"It’s just eight Mythological Beasts, nothing more. What can they accomplish?" Geng Di refuted with gritted teeth.

"Oh? Unexpectedly, even the eight Mythological Beasts couldn’t enter Lord Geng’s eyes. It really makes people feel surprised. I wonder what kind of strength can convince Lord Geng?" Long Xueyao unceremoniously counterattacked. Long Fei's temper was gentle, while on the other hand, she was very unyielding. She couldn’t tolerate others speaking ill of her benefactor in the slightest bit.

Not to mention the temperament of Shen Yanxiao itself was very admirable. She wouldn’t do such dirty things, and even if she really did, Long Xueyao would still stick up for her.

"You!" Geng Di was rendered speechless by Long Xueyao. He was glaring at Long Xueyao with his pale face.

Long Fei sighed in his heart. His daughter’s temper was really so straightforward, but this time, he agreed with her practice.

They were mercenaries, not hypocrites who feigned civility. If their savior was insulted and they had no reaction at all, then they were worse than a dog or pig.

Just when Geng Di was not able to respond to Long Xueyao, the teenager who had been sitting next to Geng Di slowly said, "This young lady seems to appreciate Shen Yanxiao very much? I just don't know if you really have an idea about what kind of human Shen Yanxiao really is."

Long Xueyao frowned slightly and looked at the handsome teenager.

"Shen Yanxiao's nature is insidious and cunning. Those years, she was nothing but the shame of Vermillion Bird Clan. After she was sent to the Pharmaceutical Branch of the Holy Roland School by Shen Feng, not only did she not concentrate on studying pharmaceutics, but she also ran to all sorts of back doors and learned to become a Warlock." The teenager spoke in a neither slow nor fast pace.

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