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Chapter 1650 - Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning

Chapter 1650

Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning

Using the huge energy directly stripped from The Mother Tree in a short period of time, connecting the blood of the t.i.tans in the tree with the divinity of the G.o.ds, transforming into their t.i.tan form was a way for the G.o.ds to immediately restore their peak combat effectiveness.

Although they had lost the t.i.tan blood in their original bodies, The Mother Tree could still provide them the same power.

This would hurt the tree and would cause the divinity within to die on a large scale, but this was not what the G.o.ds needed to consider now.

They needed the decisive strength to knock down Yang Chen, who was going through the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Pa.s.sing Stage!

What was terrifying was that, in addition to Zeus’ t.i.tan form, all other G.o.ds had been transformed into their most ultimate and powerful postures!


One after another, the t.i.tans who seemed to support heaven and the earth came into the world.

Their height had reached the sky, dark clouds could only linger around their waists as if they could pick stars with one hand, and step into the abyss with their feet.

Every time they took a step, they could cause a huge wave, and every time they waved their arms, they could roll up a storm.

When ten G.o.ds in their t.i.tan form surrounded The Mother Tree, the boundless tree no longer seemed to be vast.

What was even more unimaginable was that the artifacts possessed by the G.o.ds were also enlarged. Whether it was Athena’s giant s.h.i.+eld and spear, or the divine bow of Apollo and Artemis, everything was enlarged along with their bodies.

Of course, if it was purely gigantic, it wouldn’t be called the strongest form of the G.o.ds…

Being in t.i.tan form provides a variety of magical effects. One significant change was that the G.o.ds could use their connection with The Mother Tree to absorb a steady stream of energy for their own use.

The sun, sea, minerals, and anything else that was a resource on the planet could serve as the long sword and s.h.i.+eld to the G.o.ds in their t.i.tan form.

As long as the divinity contained within the energy body was not severely traumatized or destroyed, the G.o.ds could continue to restore their giant form.

Perhaps, one day, the earth’s energy would be depleted, but equally, that would be the day when the earth withers.

The transformation of the twelve G.o.ds into their t.i.tan form would restore them to their original appearance. Except for Zeus who still maintained his original appearance as before, the rest of the G.o.ds had been very different.

Hera wore a bronze-colored laurel crown with her hair tied up, and her whole body exuded a soft cyan light. Her huge right hand held a golden apple tree, and she wore a long bareback cyan dress. Her chest was held high with pride, revealing the n.o.ble charm in her bones.

Looking at Yang Chen who was in the spiritual power vortex, Hera spoke, “Since he is still going through the tribulation, we will attack with all our strength, and maybe we can break through that barrier.”

After transforming into their t.i.tan forms, their voices also seemed to be coming from the sky, echoing in the four universes due to their huge bodies.

“We can’t break through, I can see the moment when he succeeded in pa.s.sing the tribulation,” A cold voice echoed, it was Athena.

Athena exuded the holy brilliance of silver, and her long l.u.s.trous chestnut hair with soft waves was combed on the right shoulder, which made her exquisite, heroic, and feminine facial features more and more dazzling.

Like a fairy dressed in a white silk robe with sloping shoulders, on top of the golden olive leaf patterns on her chest, she stretched out her slender arms, holding a silver Aegis s.h.i.+eld at the height of her chest in the left hand, and the Pallas Spear in the right. The heavy metal feeling formed a strong contrast with her delicate and graceful figure.

“So can you see who wins in the end? “Poseidon, holding a huge trident asked.

The king of the sea had already revealed his most primitive and rough appearance. Under his long white hair that was scattered, there was a majestic upper body showing blue brilliance. His long row of sharp dorsal spines was like the dorsal fin of some kind of sea monster; his lower body was shaped like a sea dragon’s tail, deeply immersed in the seawater.

Athena shook her head, “The of me and Zeus’s t.i.tan form should be comparable to a peak level Yu Qing cultivator. Yang Chen’s strength after the tribulation pa.s.sing stage is at least on par with us, or even a bit stronger. For an opponent of this strength, my great prophecy cannot accurately judge…”

“Impossible, no matter how quickly he improves his cultivation after the tribulation, he will not reach the peak of Yu Qing.” The question was from Hephaestus, the G.o.d of Fire. He had flaming red hair on his head, and he was half naked with a bronze complexion. He had a strong physique, his muscles were as angular as a rock, and his body was covered with deep brand marks and scars. His lower body was a pair of metal armor trousers layered like scales…

“Hey hey… Hephaestus, why don’t you try using your Vulcan Hammer to interrupt his tribulation?” Hermes laughed heartlessly. At this time, he had turned back into an incomparably young and handsome man. With a slender body, pale blond curly hair, a leather helmet with wings, white short sleeves, and a double snake staff, stepping on flying shoes, suspended in the air.

Although his size had become extremely huge, his position in the air was changing rapidly, and he was as flexible as an elf.

The G.o.d of Fire snorted, “You think I dare not? How can the power of the t.i.tans be inferior to humans?”

Hephaestus raised the Vulcan hammer high, and the fiery divine fire quickly ignited on the hammerhead, melting and reorganizing the s.p.a.ce around it.

Another advantage of the t.i.tan form was that the G.o.ds’ power was perfectly aligned with the laws of s.p.a.ce. All attacks did not have to use the laws of s.p.a.ce on purpose, only the power provided by s.p.a.ce.

Just like the divine fire that was ignited on the hammer was produced by the burning of s.p.a.ce.

”The hammer of divine fire!”

Hephaestus jumped up, waving the hammer and falling heavily, concentrating his power at one point, the fiery red hammer swept through a blazing light, hitting the spiritual vortex where Yang Chen was located!


A loud m.u.f.fled sound came through, after the vortex of spiritual power was shaken, the power was spread out in all directions.

A shock wave of burning flames directly melted and destroyed the remaining glaciers near The Mother Tree!

Yet, even under the blow of the power of the s.p.a.ce, the pa.s.sage formed by the aggregation of the spiritual barriers did not move at all, and was not affected at all!

The G.o.d of FIre frowned immediately, and the other G.o.ds were also a little surprised.

“What are the characteristics of the formed spiritual power barrier that can prevent it from being affected by s.p.a.ce power?” Hera said.

At the same time, Yang Chen knew all the changes in the outside world, and the power of the G.o.ds had surged to a whole new level, trying to interrupt his tribulation process.

However, the arrival of the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning made him not want to pay attention to it.

Above the huge spiritual power channel, until the deep and dark starry sky, a wave gradually formed, an unprecedented and unknown power.

The barriers of spiritual power were becoming more and more solid, the vortex was flowing faster and faster, and the pa.s.sage that ran through the sky was also growing stronger.

Yang Chen felt the pull of that power, and a relieved smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

So… that’s it… Yang Chen murmured in his heart.

A bolt of black lightning that was beyond the imagination of all the main G.o.ds present descended from that distant dark void the next moment.

Except for Meng Xiaoyao and Yu Xuening in the independent s.p.a.ce on the other side, no one expected the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning to be black!

The strange black lightning, which looked like thick black ink and condensation on a dark night, resembled a black giant dragon from the void, mysterious and unpredictable.

What surprised everyone, even more, was that there was no sound when the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning fell as if nothing had happened, and it was extremely quiet.

This scene was a bit weird as if everyone was waiting to hear a blast, but later, it was found that everyone was watching the ‘mime’, clearly seeing the black lightning falling, but couldn’t hear anything.

They could only see Yang Chen in the spiritual power channel and were instantly engulfed by black lightning…

Not as dazzling as all other heavenly lightning, this black Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning was quiet, tranquil, and silent to the point which made the people suffocate!

Apart from the pa.s.sage, the surrounding area was not affected by this heavenly lightning at all, and even the sea area below Yang Chen was not affected.

“Is this the Yuqing divine thunder? How is it black? “Hermes couldn’t help but wonder, but obviously, none of the G.o.ds present could answer his question.

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