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Chapter 1237: “Scarlet Blood (2)"

In her past life, how many people Jun Wu Xie's hands had saved, or given the death sentence, even she herself could no longer remember, and in this life she still refused to be defeated by any a.s.sessment made by others.

Calming her heart, Jun Wu Xie discovered that something about the two opposing forces inside the little Emperor's body were slightly abnormal. One of them was highly possible to be the Scarlet Blood that Ye Sha mentioned, which was quickly consuming up the little Emperor's life force, like highly ferocious beasts.

There existed another force inside the little Emperor's body. Compared to the Scarlet Blood, this other force was rather much weaker, that seemed to be in danger of collapse at any moment. But it was this seemingly frail force that was persistently holding back the Scarlet Blood from draining out the little Emperor, a power not from his own body, that slowly neutralized the Scarlet Blood's ferocity bit by bit, sacrificing itself as replacement for the little Emperor's life force, gradually being consumed by the Scarlet Blood.

This strange phenomenon made Jun Wu Xie's heart jumped, because she discovered that the force resisting against the Scarlet Blood gave her a indescribable feeling of familiarity.

That feeling, was what she had experienced when she had just begun to learn the Spirit Healing Technique. The feeling when spirit power surged through the entire body, was the work of a spirit body!

"How could it be a spirit body….." Jun Wu Xie asked with her brows furrowing up together. The little Emperor was merely just eight or nine years old and at that age, it was impossible for one's ring spirit to awaken. But then she had thought back about the rabbit's tail on the little Emperor's behind. The excuse that Grand Tutor He had used at that time was that it was a ring spirit…..

For her to know clearly about that source of power, Jun Wu Xie would have to ask Grand Tutor He about it. At that moment, she could only temporarily use some elixirs to try to protect the little Emperor's life, to further slow down the Scarlet Blood's drain.

The little Emperor did not seem to be aware of anything. When Jun Wu Xie brought the medicine to him, he did not react, and Jun Wu Xie had needed to forcibly feed it into his mouth.

The bitterness of the elixir spread within his mouth, but the little Emperor still did not feel anything.

There was no expression on his face.

Grand Tutor He regained consciousness a few hours later. In the instant he awoke, he immediately sat up in a hurry, looking all around for familiar faces.

However, when he saw the little Emperor sitting on one side, he was overcome in shock.

If not for the features of the face that was so dearly familiar to him, he really wouldn't have believed that the red haired little boy with his scarlet eyes was His Majesty!

"Your Majesty….. Your Majesty….." Grand Tutor He got off the bed and stepped onto the ground, tumbling and stumbling as he tried to run to come before the little Emperor to kneel. He hands trembled as he reached out wanting to hold the little Emperor's hand, but when he saw those clearly unfocused eyes, it immediately caused him to crumble.

"ARGH! !"

The cry of despair rang out within the room, which brought Jun Wu Xie hurrying in when she heard the sound.

She saw Grand Tutor He wailing as he held the little Emperor's legs, filled with sorrow and despair.

"Your old va.s.sal is useless, your old va.s.sal got Your Majesty into this….. Your va.s.sal deserves to die….. Deserves to die….."

When the little Emperor had previously not returned after night had pa.s.sed, Grand Tutor He's heart had already been filled with terror, and when his eyes saw the current state the little Emperor was in, he felt he had suddenly turned to ice!

Those eyes that looked so lifeless now, were so familiar to him. Back at that time, in order to protect the Buckwheat Kingdom's soldiers, the previous Emperor had volunteered himself for the experiment with the poison, and had turned into that state. Grand Tutor He had never thought, that the same fate, would befall onto the little Emperor as well.

He was still just such a small child. How could the Emperor of the Condor Country bear to deal such an evil and treacherous hand upon him! ?

But no matter how much sorrow and regret Grand Tutor He felt, it did not elicit the slightest response from the little Emperor. He was just like a puppet, sitting there quietly, not making a single noise, and not moving in the slightest.

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