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Chapter 1927

Chapter 1927: “Explosive Face Slap (19)”

Qiao Chu laughed with a sneer at him.

“Rest a.s.sured. Before I kill you, I will definitely not run away.”

The Flame Demons Palace Lord snorted derisively. With the army as reinforcements, his stand became much harder.

In just an instant, the Elders of the various palaces led the disciples to surge into the place, every single battle before their eyes sending a chill to run through them.

The figures that moved so fast they could not see clearly, and it was only at those brief moments when they stopped that they could see those figures faintly. And it was what they caught sight of right at those moments that stunned them completely.

Those people fighting their Palace Lords, were actually the very same disciples who were most highly valued in their palace?

Just what was going on here?

The Elders from the Flame Demons and the other palaces stared flabbergasted at everything that was happening. The kind of powers

that Qiao Chu and the others had, had naturally been clear to them. Although they possessed great gift, but compared to the Palace Lord level, they were still a far way off.

And, what were they seeing here?

They had actually seen silver light s.h.i.+ning out from the bodies of those youths with a brilliance that did not pale in comparison to those of their Palace Lords!

Just when had this bunch of youths suddenly turned into Silver Spirits! ?

Everyone was so shaken they fell into a blank daze, not knowing how to react right at that moment.

Jun Wu Xie stood calm and composed under everyone’s gaze, their eyes filled with absolute astoundment as they pa.s.sed over her resplendent and magnificent Selvan’s armour, mouths wide agape from shock.

“Jun Wu Xie, I’ll like to see how much longer you can smile. Today, I shall make you and all your accomplices, pay a heavy price for everything that all of you have done!” Gu

Gu Yi said with his eyes narrowed, enduring the irregular fluctuation of spirit energies within, as he said with forced bravado.

Jun Wu Xie merely stared at Gu Yi calmly, her eyes seemingly tinged with ridicule.

Gu Xin Yan came to stand beside Gu Yi, her eyes looking through the silver armour clad around the figure. Only the person’s eyes were showing and his countenance could not be seen nor his gender identifiable.

But without knowing why, Gu Xin Yan was feeling that she knew those eyes from before.

“Pay a heavy price? With just this lot of people?” Jun Wu Xie gave a light laugh as she looked at the disciples from the various palaces rus.h.i.+ng in. She did not even have to look and she already knew that outside these perimeter walls, the entire place must be heavily surrounded with the teams from the various palaces. It would not be long before everyone within the city would gather at this one place.


one place.

“With things having reached this point and you can still be so arrogant? You colluded with Qiao Chu and the others to incite conflict within the Twelve Palaces, murdered the Shadow Moon Palace Lord and impersonated him to infiltrate into the Twelve Palaces’ Summit. You have now even brutally killed the Green Tide Palace Lord and all these debts owed in blood will be paid by you today, one by one.” Gu Yi said in a highly chilling voice.

Gu Yi’s words caused the Elders and disciples from the various palaces who had just rushed in here to looked completely shocked. They just could not believe that Gu Yi’s words were really true.

All this time, the conflicts that sprung up among the Twelve Palaces was created by this one person before their eyes?

He had actually killed the Shadow Moon Palace Lord and the Green Tide Palace Lord, two highly powerful Palace Lords?

Hearing that their own Palace Lord had been killed by been killed by Jun Wu Xie, the Elders of the Green Tide Palace immediately flew into a rage, everyone of them wis.h.i.+ng for nothing more than to cut up Jun Wu Xie alive.

Jun Wu Xie looked calmly at the many pairs of eyes so filled with murder staring at her, her own eyes not showing the slightest bit of anxiety. She merely walked herself slowly to the middle as she descended down from the air in a sitting position. Countless thick vines shot out from her silver armour and smoothly flowing along with her actions, the vines weaved themselves into a chair perfectly, that allowed Jun Wu Xie to sit upon, with grace and composure.

That strange scene, just made everyone’s skin crawl.

“Oh? Then you should just come give it a try, to see whether today will be the day that you die or I perish.” As Jun Wu Xie’s arrogant voice fell, she gave a loud snap of her fingers!

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