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Chapter 2424: Shocked (3)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Luo Qingcheng glared at Jun Wu Xie as if she could use her eyes to cut Jun Wu Xie a thousand times.

She refused to believe…

Refused to believe that she could lose to Jun Wu Xie.

That this once useless trash, who was easily defeated by her, could have become so powerful.

Five years!

In just five years!

Why was it that in just five years, the situation between her and Jun Wu Xie became such a terrible reversal!

This trash, how could she possess double Spirit Rings!

“s.l.u.t! You won't have a good death!” Luo Qingcheng starred venomously at Jun Wu Xie, despite being in such a state, her hatred for Jun Wu Xie had not decreased in the slightest.

Jun Wu Xie raised her brows slightly, the Spirit Ring in her right suddenly flew out, and a fierce thunderbolt slammed into Luo Qingcheng's face.

There was no time for Luo Qingcheng to even react!

A blood-curdling scream erupted from Luo Qingcheng. The side of her face that was struck by the thunderbolt, that side that used to perfectly unmarred now had lines running across each other like a spider's web. In that instant, the skin on her face crumbled like a broken wall, pieces of flesh mixed with blood and pus fell as everyone looked on.

For a moment, everyone who saw Luo Qingcheng's face gasped!

An extremely beautiful person looked like she was stripped of her outer sh.e.l.l, revealing her vile, rotten inner self to people.

Luo Qingcheng screamed and grabbed her face, as pus constantly dripped from her fingers, giving off a disgusting stench.

“This look, it suits you.” Jun Wuxie looked coldly at the ugliness on Luo Qingcheng's face. When she left the poison in Luo Qingcheng's body, she knew what the consequences would be. Based on Luo Qingcheng's strength, the poison would not be life threatening to her, but there would be a certain price to be paid.

“Argh…argh…argh…arghhhhh!” Luo Qingcheng was in a state of complete collapse. She smothered her cheeks and refused to let anyone see her. When her mask was stripped off, the facade of calmness completely cracked. She crouched on the ground, and wanted to bury her face in the ground, to not let others see it.

Having witnessed everything, Xie Chang Ming and Wei Ya turned pale with fright. With their capabilities, they could tell that Jun Wu Xie did not actually wound Luo Qingcheng, but stripped the camouflage of Luo Qingcheng. They could hardly believe that the cold-eyed and beautiful Luo Qingcheng actually used a special plaster to hide her actual ugliness. That disgusting half of Luo Qingcheng's face made one want to vomit, there was hardly any past glory left.

So the poison that Jun Wu Xie mentioned previously was this!

“s.l.u.t! s.l.u.t! s.l.u.t!!!!” Luo Qingcheng could not stop cursing at Jun Wu Xie. She looked up abruptly, and her eyes looked like they were pulled out from a pool of blood, like a wild beast, her past elegance has disappeared.

Jun Wu Xie looked on calmly as Luo Qingcheng continued to curse at her. Looking at her distorted and ugly face as pus dripped onto her body, there was no shred of mercy in Jun Wu Xie's eyes.

If only the lives of Grand Master Ren Huang and Yan Bu Gui could be exchanged, if only Jun Wu Yao wasn't made to leave, she would willingly destroy her look. However, all these were caused by Luo Qingcheng. Luo Qingcheng was the one who brought her misery, and she would slowly repay her, without missing anything out.

A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye. A life for a life!

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