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Chapter 2464: The Wedding Night(2)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

No matter how nervous Jun Wu Yao was, he was completely left speechless after seeing the way Jun Wu Xie acted. Resignedly, he tried to sit himself up but was then pushed back by Jun Wu Xie with a sudden slap!

“Don't move!” Jun Wu Xie said while frowning without moving her eyes away from the book.

“Little Xie, this doesn't seem to be the time to read.” Jun Wu Yao could neither cry nor laugh. The impetuousness that had just risen up was left suspended in midair due to the series of actions that were done by Jun Wu Xie.

Yet, he didn't want to force her into doing something that she was unwilling to do. Even though it felt like his body was burning in purgatory, all he could do was just to endure it.

“Be quiet,” said Jun Wu Xie in a cold voice.

Jun Wu Yao had no choice but to lie straightly on the bed while trying his best to ignore the arising pa.s.sion coming from the lower part of his abdomen.


This wasn't a thing that could be tolerated by any man at all.

It was the wedding night and the one he loved was straddling his waist with her outer clothing off. The inadvertent rubs could even drive a saint crazy but he could do nothing except for enduring it. Jun Wu Yao felt that his willpower to control himself from doing something had never been this weak before in his whole life…

All Jun Wu Yao could do was just to recite the mantra in his heart, forcing himself to be distracted.

Until the moment he was able to even recite the mantra backwards fluently for hundred times, there was finally some movements from Jun Wu Xie.

With her brows frowning slightly, she seemed to be in full of puzzlement. It was hard to imagine that there was actually something that she wasn't able to understand in this world.

“I… don't really get it, perhaps… you should be the one reading it?” After pondering for quite some time, only then Jun Wu Xie spoke to Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao almost had a breakdown.

Every single minute in the wedding night was extremely valuable!

It was such a precious wedding night but instead of doing some “appropriate things” with him, his cute little wife was asking him to read books together with her. What was actually going on?

Nonetheless, no matter how speechless he was, Jun Wu Yao could only nod his head and looked fondly at Jun Wu Xie with his impetuousness being deeply suppressed.

Without making a sound, Jun Wu Xie handed him the book which she held in her hand.

Submissively, Jun Wu Yao took over the book and flipped through it. As the moment he looked into it…

“Who gave this to you?” After Jun Wu Yao glanced over the contents in the book, his eyes widened and he then looked at Jun Wu Xie.

“Master gave it to me,” answered Jun Wu Xie honestly.

The expression on Jun Wu Xie's face became really subtle.

“She said that I know nothing about these things and asked me to learn them from the book.” For the first time, there was a trace of guilty conscience found on Jun Wu Xie's expression. With her eyes wavering, she had no courage to look into Jun Wu Yao's pair of eyes.

Jun Wu Yao let a deep breath in and threw the book on the floor all of a sudden. He then abruptly turned his body over and straight off exchanged his position with Jun Wu Xie's, pressing the pet.i.te woman on the bed with his arms encircling around her.

“If you want to learn, I'll teach you then. You don't have to learn from the book.” Jun Wu Yao's eyes slightly narrowed. He never thought that his stupid little girl would actually cram for the wedding night at the last minute.

It was almost in just an instant, those undisguised erotic paintings had caused the very last rationality of Jun Wu Xie to break apart.

It turned out that his little girl had no disapproval for things like these.

Jun Wu Xie's face was unusually blushed. She looked awkwardly to aside.

However, Jun Wu Yao raised his hand and adjusted her face that was avoiding him so that she could face him. With his eyes fixing domineeringly onto her eyes, his hand which was at first touching on her face moved across the side of her face and slid to the collar of her clothes. He then spoke with a low and husky voice.

“Little Xie, where do you want to start to learn from?”

“Is it like this?”

His fingertips flipped open the neat collar.

The warm hand covered on the soft part of his desire.

“Or like this?”

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