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Wherever Jun Wu Yao's hands touched, it felt like there was a bizarre heat left burning like a raging fire on the skin of Jun Wu Xie. The blush on her face became redder and there was heat gus.h.i.+ng out from all over her body. It was an utterly subtle feeling. 

Jun Wu Yao slightly lowered his body. It was all soft and tender tactility under his wide broad chest. With a wild and devilish smile, he whispered beside Jun Wu Xie's ear. "No matter what you want to learn, I can teach you." Even though he had zero experience, his instincts told him very well what he actually wanted.

He wanted her everything.

With her eyes half closed, his smell was whirling all around her nose, pervading through her breath.

The smiling lips landed on her neck. One after another, as if it was the warm raindrops pitter-pattering on her neck.

Soft and light kisses, they were gentle and close-packed. 

Jun Wu Xie felt indescribably torrid as if she herself was bathing in the hot spring with her consciousness slowly fading away.

"Little Xie, do you want to learn it?" A smiling voice, full of temptation, came into her ears.

Her clothes were taken off. Jun Wu Xie gazed at Jun Wu Yao who had all his clothes taken off without her realizing when with her eyes half closed. Unknowingly, her breathing became quicker.

Her blank mind could no longer think of anything. Following her self instinct, she could only nod her head gently.

The smile that was hanging on the corners of Jun Wu Yao's lips deepened. Kissing every inch of her skin while flitting across every soft part on her body, the big hand quietly went downwards.

A sudden electric current went across her whole body. With her eyes widening, her body tensed up subconsciously. The exclamation of surprise which was yet to leave her mouth was then engulfed by the kiss on her lips. The soft and gentle kiss swallowed up the air in her mouth, plundering every inch of her fragrance domineeringly without losing its gentleness. The kiss was mingled with an inexperienced pleasure, leading her to be at a lost of the direction to think.

While fluttering using his lips and teeth, he whispered. "Don't be afraid… I won't hurt you…"

Jun Wu Xie's mind was in a daze. The muzzy feeling made her eyes misty and the pair of hands was placing diffidently in front of his boiling chest. It was as if every single contact between their skin was burning in blaze. 

There was a trace of mystification and obliviousness in her eyes that were covered with a layer of fog. She looked so helpless, causing the beast inside Jun Wu Xie to break itself free from the last restraint. He let in a deep breath with his whole body trembling surrept.i.tiously under extreme sufferance. The bean-sized drop of sweat exuded from his forehead and slid across his jawline that was as sharp as a knife, dripping onto her fair clavicle skin.

The crystal clear sweat drops rolled over her delicate clavicle, bringing her a different kind of seductive amorous style.

Little by little, the burning fingertips were kneading here and there, exploring the place that had never been visited by anyone before.

The heat at that particular place was just like a flaming fire, it kept burning the very last rationality of Jun Wu Xie.

The whole body of Jun Wu Xie was being pounded by an unfamiliar t.i.tillation. Her pet.i.te body was trembling under him.

"Little Xie… I… can't stand it… anymore…" The voice which he squeezed through the gaps of his teeth came into Jun Wu Xie's ears.

Muddledly, she opened her eyes and looked at his face that was covered with sweat. Without knowing why, she stretched her hands out suddenly and rounded his neck while speaking beside his ear in a shaking voice.

"Don't… stand it…"

The three words were like a sweet enchantment used in breaking a spell, Jun Wu Yao's eyes turned deeper and darker. The moment his eyes met Jun Wu Xie's pair of eyes, he instantly breathed in deeply...

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It was a sultry night which every minute of the night was absolutely precious.

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