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"Ruan Zhongshan is also a useless piece of waste. In spite of everything, he was beaten by that trash Sea Spirit City. Now that he has lost his life, even Long Xuan City is lost, it is utterly ridiculous! Since when a weak city like Sea Spirit City has the capability to attack their neighbouring city? End of the day, it's because Ruan Zhongshan is useless!" Dongfang Ku Bi pursed his lips, as he regarded the destruction of Long Xuan City which he attributed to Ruan Zhongshan's incompetence.

"By the way, has the elixir been sent for examination by the doctors?" Dongfang Ku Bi turned his head and spoke to the men beside him.

"Yes, we have brought it to the doctors." one of his men nodded.

"Ha! I'd like to see what Sea Spirit City has up their sleeves. We have been consuming the Sea Spirit Beasts for many years, and I haven't seen anything special. He is just a young brat, what kind of precious thing could he have? I think he's just spreading falsehoods. If this matter comes to our East Peak City, I will surely make sure that Yan Hai kid suffer dire consequences." Dongfang Ku Bi hummed.

However, just as Dongfang Ku Bi had spoken, a harried guard from outside hurried in.

"Do you not know the rules?" Dongfang Ku Bi frowned, looking at the man who had intruded rashly.

The soldier's face was pale, and before he could apologise, he mourned: "My Lord! The people of the Sea Spirit City are here!"

"They're here ... what? What do you mean by that? What do you mean that people from Sea Spirit City are here?" Dongfang Ku Bi immediately sat upright and stared at the guard.

The guard said in a rush, "The City Lord of the Sea Spirit City, along with a large number of soldiers, are standing in front of our city gates and issuing us a challenge!"

"What ?!" At this moment, Dongfang Ku Bi Ku Bi stood up from the chair with whoosh.

People from Sea Spirit City had come to their East Peak City? What did Jun Wu Xie want?

Too late to ponder about it, Dongfang Ku Bi immediately rushed out of the city's official residence.

Outside East Peak City, members of the Night Regime stood as one. Jun Wu Xie was standing in front of the troop, riding a white horse, just like when Ruan Zhongshan led his troops to attack Sea Spirit City, except this time, Jun Wu Xie stood on the offensive side. And her opponent has been changed from Long Xuan City to East Peak City.

The walls of East Peak City are full of its soldiers. Those soldiers, who used to be arrogant in the past, were now hiding behind the walls one by one and only dared to show their heads to look down.

If this was a month ago, even if there were twice as many Sea Spirit City soldiers appearing in front of them, they would not treat Sea Spirit City as an extraordinary opponent, but now ...

The situation was different.

Sea Spirit City first defeated Long Xuan City's army and killed Ruan Zhongshan. Then Jun Wu Xie entered Long Xuan City and even killed countless of exponents. The rumours had spread throughout the 72 cities like wildfire.

East Peak City and Long Xuan City have always been on the same level of strength. Now, Jun Wu Xie, who just killed Long Xuan City, suddenly led her troops to East Peak City. Who wouldn't feel frightened?

As soon as Dongfang Ku Bi came to the city gates, he saw the soldiers of his city hiding behind the wall warily, with their backs against another. There was not even a trace of battle aggression amongst them. He was so angry that he almost vomited blood!

How shocking was Sea Spirit City? That it could actually terrify his soldiers into such a state?

"You all better wake up!! It is just Sea Spirit City! What are you afraid of? What is Sea Spirit City! Besides, they just finished attacking Long Xuan City, and have suffered losses. What threat could they be to us?" exclaimed Dongfang Ku Bi.

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