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Chapter 2725: I Am Proud That I'm Cowardly (3)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Jun Wu Xie took over East Peak City in less than half a day and all without activating a single soldier. The original lord of East Peak City proactively stated that he could roll over and leave, to the extent that if Jun Wu Xie can't rest a.s.sured, he could move to Sea Spirit City anytime, anywhere, just under the observation of Jun Wu Xie, to ensure that there would not be any “small actions”.

Jun Wu Xie was speechless in the face of a self imposed house arrest by Dongfang Ku Bi himself.

The only thing she managed to do was to reject the request of Dongfang Ku Bi's move to Sea Spirit City, and directed some of the Ghost Army to stationed at East Peak City. In this regard, Dongfang Ku Bi Yubi not only had no objection, but also actively cooperated. In the end, he not only managed to save his own skin, but Jun Wu Xie also allowed him to continue to be the City Lord of East Peak City. However, she amended his t.i.tle to put the word 'deputy' before 'City Lord'.

Hence, Dongfang Ku Bi readily accepted and led the citizens of East Peak City in placing Jun Wu Xie on a pedestal and praising her to the very highest.

That fawning att.i.tude, Jun Wu Xie just couldn't bear it.

After Jun Wu Xie's team left East Peak City, Dongfang Ku Bi still stood and waved to bid farewell to them. That resolutely smiling face made those members of the Ghost Army, who were left behind to supervise East Peak City, glance away.

It was such a shame to be standing together with such people!

After most of the troops left East Peak City, Qiao Chu couldn't take it any longer.

“What is the matter with this Dongfang Ku Bi? Why is he so cowardly?” Qiao Chu sat on his horse and turned his head to mutter to his peers.

Fei Yan and others also could not take it. Dongfang Ku Bi had shown them what true 'cowardice' was.

Zheng Weilong also couldn't help but laugh. When she heard about how Dongfang Ku Bi was very afraid of death, she didn't think much about it. This time however, she really saw how scared of death he was.

At the forefront, Jun Wu Xie heard laughter behind her, and slowly turned her head, calmness radiating from her cold eyes.

“Dongfang Ku Bi is very clever, or in other words, he has some conscience.” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

Qiao Chu was a little surprised, unexpectedly, hearing praises of Dongfang Ku Bi from the mouth of Jun Wu Xie.

“Little Xie, why do you say that the guy is clever? Why can't I tell?” Zheng Weilong looked at Jun Wu Xie in confusion as well.

Jun Wu Xie said: “East Peak City and Long Xuan City have the same strength. Since I can take over Long Xuan City, it is not difficult to capture East Peak City. He didn't surrender at first, but when he saw that our army's morale was so overwhelming, he surrendered. He has determined that they will be defeated in battle, and therefore made such a choice.”

“You think that he's cowardly, but in my opinion, he knows the current circ.u.mstances. He is afraid that even if he fights desperately, he will lose. He does not want to waste the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers in East Peak City just for his reputation. He is not willing to do so, and that's why he made the decision to surrender.” After Jun Wu Xie finished what she said, she turned around. Dongfang Ku Bi's decision to surrender,whether it was to protect himself or the East Peak City, it was still the best choice.

Also …

Although Long Xuan City has been owned by Jun Wu Xie, the lives of the citizens have not been harmed in any way. This fact, Dongfang Ku Bi must have known.

Jun Wu Xie's words had surprised Qiao Chu and others, and Zheng Weilong looked at Jun Wu Xie in shock.

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