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Chapter 2788: Trembling moment (2)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Who is next?” Jun Wu Xie's cold eyes glanced over the fearing army. Those eyes obviously had no feelings, but whoever her gaze landed on, that person felt as though they had been doused in ice cold water and started trembling.

The generals of the 72 cities had never felt so nervous before. The clamor and sarcasm just before them, at this moment, was like an ice blade that has scratched their hearts, spreading throughout the whole body with a touch of tingling and deep bone coldness.

Suddenly, a horse neighed and broke the silence at this moment. A general's saddle horse seemed to feel its master's panic and became restless.

“What are you afraid of! He's all on his own! Our army has two million, why do you fear?” He hollered out loudly.

“All of you, all together now and kill …”

Of course, his roaring voice came to an abrupt end.

A light suddenly flashed towards him, as fast as lightning, rendered everyone around him unable to react.

When everyone looked back intently, all they saw was a flash striking towards his neck and went through his throat, severing the last trace of his voice from this world!

Jun Wu Xie raised her hand slightly, as her sword slashed the general's neck before it flew back to her. At the same time, the general's head fell to the ground, and it rolled a few times … The headless body fell immediately onto the ground. The bright red blood sprayed out, dyeing the dark red ground redder and redder…

If it is said that the death of the first general reminded the army of 72 cities to recall the defeat of the army of Long Xuan City and the five cities, now the general's death had completely grasped the fear in everyone's hearts.

What crus.h.i.+ng power was that?

The generals sent by the 72 cities were all first-cla.s.s masters. Even if they were casually selected, they were all powerful men. But in the presence of Jun Wu Xie, these powerful men were weak and frightened, easily slaughtered like chickens. They were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered by Jun Wu Xie without any strength to resist.

The confrontation between the two armies in this b.l.o.o.d.y battle, people did not fear death at all. The blood in that war inspired killings instead.

However, Jun Wu Xie's method of killing people was creepy.

A two million army was right in front of her eyes. But she could easily take the lives of two generals from such a number. From start to end, no one could see her movements and guard against her at all!

After killing two generals, not a single drop of blood could be found on her body …

Jun Wu Xie's manner of killing seemed to be telling everyone that no matter how huge the army was this time, as long as she wanted to kill, there was no one she couldn't kill!

Even if you hid among the army, she could still kill you!

All the generals felt that an invisible trowel was hanging over their heads. As long as Jun Wu Xie glanced over, they would be dead.

A staggering figure of two million could not protect them.

They could not even protect themselves …

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