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Chapter 722: Eighth Slap (3)

Nangong Xu fell suddenly to the floor and blood was gus.h.i.+ng out from his mouth as his eyes stared at Gu Ying who was smiling brilliantly at him.

"People who know too much would always not get to live long. Don't you agree? Senior Nangong?" Gu Ying asked, smiling at Nangong Xu, watching him breathe his last. Gu Ying then lifted his head and looked at his blood covered arm, the corners of his mouth curling up higher. He turned to face Ning Rui.

"I had not thought that anyone in the Zephyr Academy would be able to recognise the way to the Heaven's End Cliff. Looks like the matter cannot be delayed any longer."

Ning Rui nodded his head. The fact that Nangong Xu had known of the Heaven's End Cliff greatly surprised Ning Rui and to prevent anyone else from discovering it, Ning Rui had no other choice but to reply: "I will make an announcement immediately. That all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy are to move out right away."

Gu Ying nodded his head, satisfied with the answer.

"They should be arriving soon. They should be able to make it here before we move out."

Using the disciples of the Zephyr Academy was just one of the avenues they were taking to explore the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff. Gu Ying knew it clearly, with just a bunch of young immature kids, it would be sorely inadequate to fully grasp the terrain down there and he had arranged for more people from his side to go with him, but the task of scouting the way out first would be wholly taken up by the Zephyr Academy's disciples.

Gu Ying's intention for this expedition, was to use the lives of the many disciples in the Zephyr Academy at his disposal, to slowly find his way through the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff!     

Ning Rui nodded and immediately summoned Gongcheng Lei who was standing guard outside to relay the message. Nangong Xu's eyes were still wide open, probably shocked even till his moment of death, not expecting that he would be killed under the hands of a youth just in his teens.

The set off time had suddenly been brought forward and many of the Zephyr Academy's disciples started complaining in hushed tones. In the face of Ning Rui's current authoritarian ways, not a single one among them dared to voice out their displeasure. In about four hours' time, all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy were all packed and gathered in the square before the Zephyr Academy's gates. As they stared at the row upon row of horse carriages, the youths saw that their journey towards a grueling training expedition was about to begin.

Ning Rui had already arranged his men to wait by the main gates, and they were just waiting for the teachers from the respective faculties to complete their roll call and they would move out immediately after that.

However, just as the teachers were reporting their numbers to Ning Rui, the sound of clattering hooves could be heard, reaching everyone's ears sounding from a distance away.

It was already dusk and the disciples s.h.i.+elded their eyes as they looked into the glare, the warm orange rosy glow spilling over the land. A lone horse carriage clattered in approach under the pink dusk sky, and under everyone's watchful eyes, it rolled to a stop right before the Zephyr Academy's majestic gates.

The horse carriage was a very common type, and the tall built driver was unfamiliar to all of them. The disciples gathered before the Zephyr Academy's gates could not help themselves but stretch their necks out to peer and peek, deeply curious why a horse carriage would suddenly appear at their gates at a time like this.

The horse carriage did not look like it belonged to the Zephyr Academy. Its bulky carriage was one size bigger than those from the Zephyr Academy, and it did not carry their academy's emblem upon its doors.

Ning Rui turned his head to look. They were just about to move out for the Heaven's End Cliff and he did not want any other unexpected incidents to crop up.

With all eyes upon that one single carriage, a tall and graceful figure swept out slowly, stepping out from the carriage. When that figure's face was seen by all the people present there, the entire student body of the Zephyr Academy all suddenly gasped in shock at the same time!

Stepping off from the horse carriage, wasn't anyone else but the one who had gone missing for a period, Fan Zhuo! ! !

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