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Chapter 1014 - Imperial Sky Token

"Please show your ident.i.ty. This is the Province Teleportation Array. Those that aren't an imperial or part of a peak three-star power aren't to approach!" A group of black-armored guards immediately came forward when he saw Zhao Feng and company arrive.

Zhao Feng and company were slightly surprised. Anyone not part of a peak three-star power or the imperials weren't able to use this Province Teleportation Array?

Emperor Ghost Scales took in a deep breath. For him, the imperials and peak three-star powers were existences at the very top of the continent - something that he could only look at but never touch.

"We're part of the Ji Family - one of the Eight Big Families - and this senior is the Grand Elder of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion!" Ji Tianming said.

"One of the Eight Big Families and Grand Elder Zhao Feng of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion?" The eyes of the black-armored guard leader twinkled as he sent out some Intent.

A middle-aged muscular male in black armor appeared in front of the group of people, and an invisible pressure spread through the air.

What a powerful body! He's reached the level of a Quasi-Sacred Lord! Emperor Ghost Scales was secretly stunned.

He felt extremely pressured just facing this black-armored male. The battle-power of this black-armored male might be even higher than the Grand Elder of the Divine Official Gate.

"What do you want?" The muscular black-armored middle-aged male asked. It was obvious that the Ji Family of the Eight Big Families had quite a bit of power, and Zhao Feng's name was pretty famous as well.

"We want to use the Province Teleportation Array!" Zhao Feng said.

"Do you have the allowance of the imperials or a peak three-star power?" the black-armored male asked.

Only those with a n.o.ble ident.i.ty from the imperials were allowed to use the Province Teleportation Array, but there were exceptions, such as those that were given orders.

"Because if you don't, then you aren't allowed to use the Province Teleportation Array!"

The black-armored male had a decisive look to him, and the three from the Ji Family started to sulk.

Zhao Feng thought for a while. This place wasn't too far from the Imperial Palace, but he didn't know many people in the palace.

"Is this okay?"

A square golden token with a dragon engraved on it suddenly appeared in Zhao Feng's hand. The dragon's eyes sparkled, and an invisible surge of draconic providence gathered toward him.

This was the token that the Ninth Prince had given Zhao Feng after the Crown Prince trial ended, and he said that it could allow Zhao Feng to enter and exit the Imperial Palace as he wished since the Imperial Palace was currently in a unique situation.

Zhao Feng had only taken this token out to give it a try.

"That's the Imperial Sky Token!" The black-armored male's expression changed.

"Senior Zhao actually has an Imperial Sky Token!?" Ji Tianming was stunned.

Ji Lan and Ji Wuye also had shocked expressions as they looked at the golden dragon token in Zhao Feng's hand.

From the looks of it, this token is much more important than I expected. Zhao Feng could now see how valuable this token was.

"Since you have the Imperial Sky Token, you should have the right to use this array!"

The black-armored male led Zhao Feng and company into the great hall. While they were walking, Ji Tianming told Zhao Feng the history of the Imperial Sky Token.

Only the Sacred Emperor had the right to distribute Imperial Sky Tokens, and they were usually only given to the princes or those with a lot of power. It meant a lot of things.

The Imperial Sky Token that Zhao Feng had was the Ninth Prince's, which meant that he symbolized the Ninth Prince himself. Even if one had an Imperial Sky Token, they didn't have the right to use the Province Teleportation Array, but the Ninth Prince was different; he was now the Crown Prince, meaning that the value of his Imperial Sky Token increased by another level.

"Elder Bing, Zhao Feng has the Ninth Prince's Imperial Sky Token and wishes to use the Province Teleportation Array," the black-armored male said in a respectful tone.

"Allowed!" an old voice resounded across the great hall.

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled, and he looked in the direction of a room behind the great hall where an elder was sitting down.

"Come with me to write down a record," the black-armored male said.

Anyone that didn't belong to the imperials or a peak three-star power and had to use a different method had to leave a record. Only by writing the record and paying a large number of peak-grade Primal Crystal Stones would Zhao Feng and company be allowed to use this array.

Weng~ Weng~~

White light started to flash around the ancient and large array stage. Countless silver array lines started to extend across the stage, and a flash of white light covered the group of people as they started to fade away.

At the same time, in a large city in another part of Feng Province:


Zhao Feng and company appeared on an old array stage.

The moment they appeared, Emperor Ghost Scales and those from the Ji Family felt uncomfortable and almost fell to the ground. The loss of pressure and the sensation caused by the spatial disturbance from the Province Teleportation Array was too big. Even Zhao Feng felt slightly uncomfortable.

Everyone appeared in the Spiritual Palace of a large city, and the array stage below them was one used for normal teleportations.

"Looks like the Province Teleportation Array only goes one way," Ji Wuye said in a low tone.

This meant that, while Province Teleportation Arrays could connect to the normal teleportation arrays in the other provinces, the other teleportation arrays couldn't return to the Province Teleportation Array in the Imperial City.

"Feng Province!" Zhao Feng murmured these two words.

This was the territory of the Duanmu Family. Although the Duanmu Family disliked Zhao Feng, they couldn't stop Zhao Feng from using the array here.

Zhao Yufei was still being kept in the dark about the marriage situation, but Zhao Feng believed that the Duanmu Family wouldn't be able to hide it for very long.

"Let's go!"

The group of people sat on the flying flaming chariot and left behind a trail of seven-colored fumes as they left at a very fast speed.

Before they left the Spiritual Palace, Zhao Feng's left arm shook slightly and left behind a marking with the Misty Spatial World.

In reality, Zhao Feng would do this when he arrived at each province. This meant that he wouldn't need to use the teleportation arrays in the future since he could just use the Misty Spatial World instead to pa.s.s through each province. However, with Zhao Feng's current strength, it would be a bit difficult for him to pa.s.s directly to another province, especially if he had others with him.

Since they used the Province Teleportation Array to head toward the front lines, the time they needed to reach their destination was heavily reduced. Adding on the fact that the flying flaming chariot was travelling at max speed, they would be able to reach their destination within three months.

Everyone started to become excited for some reason.

The others had all improved a lot under Zhao Feng's guidance. Amongst them, Emperor Ghost Scales had improved the most.

He originally obtained the Inheritance Sacred weapon from the tomb of that Sacred Lord, whereas the Divine Official Gate obtained the skills and secret techniques. However, Emperor Ghost Scales now had both of them. Adding on the fact that Zhao Feng had given him some cultivation resources, Emperor Ghost Scales could already unleash half of the Inheritance Sacred weapon's power, and his battle-power had increased dramatically.

Zhao Feng's figure suddenly appeared in the Misty Spatial World alongside a pile of scorched wood and branches. He had been forming his Little World of Illusions within the Ancient Dream Realm and met a storm.

"My luck is pretty good."

Zhao Feng revealed a joyful expression.

The power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning within the DemiG.o.d's head had almost been completely used up, but luckily, Zhao Feng now had another source of lightning - the ancient lightning from the Ancient Dream Realm. However, the weather in the Ancient Dream Realm changed randomly, and he could only depend on luck to meet a storm. In addition, the power of ancient lightning couldn't be preserved for a very long time.

Without saying anything else, Zhao Feng sat down and started to direct the power of the ancient lightning within the scorched wood into his Lightning Soul Body.

"We're almost there." Ji Lan, who was currently controlling the flying flaming chariot, looked into the distance. They were less than one province away from the front lines of the battlefield.


At a certain moment, the aura of a Quasi-Sacred Lord appeared from above.

The newcomer was a middle-aged person wearing purple robes. He glanced down toward the group of people in the flying flaming chariot and slowed down, but he didn't stay for too long before leaving.

Their group soon met a large flying spiritual pet. Three males with cold gazes stood on it, and two of them were Quasi-Sacred Lords.

"Hmm?" One of them had red hair, and he revealed a weird expression when he noticed the flying flaming chariot.

There were only four people aboard the flying flaming chariot, and all of them were only at the level of a peak Emperor at most. However, the speed of this flying chariot was much faster than their spiritual pet.

Everyone knew that the price of a flying machine was much higher than a flying spiritual pet because a flying machine could fit more people and required less power. It also didn't need to rest, so large flying machines were extremely precious.

"Boss, should we take action against them?" One of the males revealed a gruesome expression and laughed.

Zhao Feng suddenly appeared within the flying flaming chariot, and his faint golden hair blew with the wind while his golden left eye looked extremely mysterious.

"Don't cause too much trouble. There are too many hidden experts here." The red-haired male became wary when he saw Zhao Feng appear out of nowhere and shook his head. His experience and instinct had acc.u.mulated after several hundred years of walking on the tip of a knife, and it told him that this youth was definitely not simple.

Hu! Hu!

The large spiritual pet started to slowly fly away.

On top of the flying flaming chariot:

"This place looks really chaotic." Emperor Ghost Scales licked his lips as excitement flashed through his eyes. This place reminded him of the days when he was a pirate.

"In front of us is the Spiritual Palace."

Their group arrived before a noisy and chaotic hall.

Before they even got close, they saw two forces fighting against each another. The weakest one was a Domain-level King.

"This place isn't merely chaotic." Zhao Feng gave a look around and saw that there were many fierce and evil looking people within the shops.

One didn't need to pay an entrance fee, and there were no limitations on flying pets or machines. One could say that this was a Spiritual Palace with no one in control of it.

The instant Zhao Feng's flying flaming chariot arrived, many greedy gazes were attracted to it.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Several figures slowly flew toward them from the front.

"Sigh, I didn't think that the teleportation array here would be broken."

"That's normal. The teleportation arrays near the battlefield are used very frequently. Let's go to the Spiritual Palace in Duhai City next time."

The three shook their heads and sighed as they admitted their defeat.

"Senior Zhao, the teleportation array here is broken. Why don't we just fly over?" Ji Lan slowed down the flying flaming chariot.

Since the flying flaming chariot was very fast, they didn't need much time to head to the battlefield.

Zhao Feng gazed toward the teleportation hall in front. The doors were closed, and there were many guards around.

From the looks of it, all the forces belonging to the City Lord were concentrated in the teleportation hall.

"Okay." Zhao Feng nodded his head.

Just as Ji Lan was about to turn the flying flaming chariot around:

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared on Zhao Feng's shoulders and took out the Imperial Sky Token.

At this moment, draconic providence moved around the Imperial Sky Token, and the faint roar of a dragon could be heard from it. It was very different from the past.

"Hmm?" Zhao Feng took the Imperial Sky Token and put his Spiritual Sense into it. A sensation instantly entered his mind.

"This is…? Not good!" Zhao Feng suddenly raised his head, and his golden left eye locked onto the teleportation hall in the distance.

Zhao Feng saw through the surface of the Spiritual Palace and the barrier separating it from the outside world. Old Ying and the Ninth Prince were right there in the Spiritual Palace!

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